I’m thankful for dancing!   I love love dancing!   I love having music on and going crazy when a favorite song comes on.   


So thankful for love,  fun days and my sister Aloura.  Having a sister we have so much fun together now we live together.  She was first my aid but now she is my best friend and sister.   I have two amazing sisters which I don’t couldn’t be more thankful that they have become family ! Love you!


Thankful for everything I have; I know healthy and I have so much in my life to be thankful for!  I know there are times that I have wished that some things could be different from time to time; we all get that way sometimes. I used to think it I love others to much but now that I think I understand how much love can give us true happiness, I am very thankful that I have love in my world, I have the best mom in the world and brothers and two amazing dads.   Not only all those people but I have greatest best friends who are now apart of my family,  I have a second mom, sisters I couldn’t be more grateful!   Having friendships that somehow became apart of your family is the greatest gift ever!   Especially when your family lives around the world,  it can be great having family in different countries to get to go visit but most of the time it’s hard.   My best friends who I think of a family;  it doesn’t mean that I love my friends more than my mom and brothers it means that my mom and I never have to be alone we know we can always find someone to talk or who will help us if we need it.   I just wanted to give thanks to every person in my life,  I am so happy,  loved and to me that is the best gift I could ever have!   ! 

Days14 15

Yesterday I went to an event which was the opening of a new place called project walk, they work with people with disabilities to help us with our physical strength and work on walking.   I was able to go because I work with Ms. Wheelchair Colorado and I am so thankful that,  that organization does it is so great for women in wheelchairs.   When I was Ms. Wheelchair Colorado2010, I thought it would only one year that I would be Ms. Wheelchair, but no I will always be Ms. Wheelchair Colorado  2010!  Now that I run Ms. Colorado it’s more apart of my life and I am so thankful that it is apart of my life!  I am going to try out project walk and maybe they can help me.   Today I am thankful for a long walks I love going for walks with my dog.  It is a nice way to think and just be out.  


I’m thankful for dancing and music! I love music that when I hear that song it makes me think about a special time or person. And I love to dance!

Day11; 15

I am thankful for angels crazy idea right?   But there are such things as angles,  when life gets hard there are angles looking out for you!   Maybe it’s someone you know family member or a friend.   Today I’m thankful that I could feel one beside me when I needed it.  


This is to someone who is so incredibly special to me I’m writing about her because I am so thankful for her!  Also I’ve been thinking so much her lately.   Life has a weird way of giving me the best people to be a part of life,  this lady has thinks that I’m always there, but she been there for me in so many ways.  I don’t see her a lot but when I do it’s so special!  

Day9; 15

Thinking about what I’m thankful for today. Well I guess I didn’t write one for yesterday.I’m really bad at this this year,, I am thankful for every time I can help others and if I could write that every day I would!  That is how much I love doing things for family and friends! I guess you can I try to put others first;everyone who knows me knows I need a lot of help daily with many everything.  I’m so thankful that I have so much love around me always, that I know I don’t have to be something I not! Which I know that there are have cp and even people who do not feel loved like no one will be there when they need it. How can that be? I wish I could send love to those who need it! That is why I started this blog and it’s a something I can do on my own. Today I’m thankful for loved ones! 

Day7 2015

Day7; I am thankful for memories.  Memories that reminds us about the good times;  if you are going through a hard time.   Thinking about a time so special can bring a smile to your face,  maybe it’s something so little but it stayed with you and when you really something to change your day it comes to you!

Day6. I’m thankful that we can give ourselves to help those who need love and support.


OK so I don’t think I’m able to come up with what I’m thankful each day,  but that doesn’t mean I am not thankful for each day.   Each day I think about someone who I am so thankful that they are in my life!   If I were to write about each one; first I don’t think I could pick who to do first,  and it would take all year!   But there are a few people who are the most important like my family, mom and best friends who are like my family.   But mostly I’m thankful for the people in my life. .

Do you know that being thankful it’s so easy?  This month is give thanks mouth to get ready for Thanksgiving I’m going to write each day what I’m thankful for.  We don’t say it as often as we should should. There are so many things to be thankful for even getting up each morning and realizing that you are healthy and loved.   As I began to think about what I am most thankful for other than my amazing family and all that I have,  I’m so thankful for Love!   For me love is the one thing I know is always there, Helping people it’s something I love that I can!   There is something in each day that you have that someone else is wishing that they could have.

I love my life

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am.   I am disabled so what?   I have an amazing family that always looked at me and not my cerebral palsy,  and my amazing friendships they are all so important to me!   Who have each gave me something that only they could.   I am realizing that time does not last forever.  Everything has to change,  even the people who I hold close to my heart.   As I have said before,  you meet parents for a reason that only God knows how that friendship will change your life and only you that person will have a special relationship,  each person who in my life.

Tomorrow is Easter, a time to spend with family and friends it is also a great time to be thankful for all we have.   In the faith its to remember what God did for us.  I would like to have tomorrow be another day to give thanks;  I know I don’t think about what and who I’m thankful for.  The people who help me to have a great life! I know I would not be the person I am I am today.   Life just knows what you need to help you become the person who you are meant to be.   I know it is not always going to be great,  but everything happens for a reason well I think,,.  In the hard times it’s not always easy to understand how this season is meant to help us. But each day there is something to be grateful for.  You might have more than someone else, I am very thankful for everything and everyone who is in my life!

A beautiful woman whom I’m so thankful for

I have been so lucky to have so many amazing friendships that have made my life so much more awesome just because they are in it!  There is one of them that I wish she knew how much her friendship has meant to me, I’m not going to say her name; but she has me always!   I know that the Lord gave her to me for a reason.   In high school she was my first true friend,  who saw me for me and not just my disability.    In high school kids aren’t too nice to people who are different, but she could see passed the  disability.  You know when you just know that something is meant to be?   That was how I felt about her and even more now!   We just connected in a special way that I am so grateful for!   I don’t have to see her to know that we will always have each other.   There are times that I wish I could be there for her more.  I am always thinking of her!


There is always something to be thankful for;  even something as small as being able to have a new day.  I know that not every day is going to be full of happiness and  laughter.  Some days will be hard to get through,  but there is always something to say thank you.   We never know when our life’s will change,  our jobs or health could change so quickly.  We should live life with the thought; every day,  everything we have is a gift!   Even the hard times;  you might be thinking that I am going crazy,  but everything we go through in life is meant to make us stronger.  I would like to think that I am thankful for everything I have;  but it is hard to have that mind set all the time.      Think of how much you have; do you have all your daily needs met, do you have love in your life?   There are so many people who are having a hard time either finding a job, getting food on the table,  keeping a home for their families;  there is so much that we take for granted that we sometimes forget that there are others who do not have as many things as we do .  If you have a life full of love;  I think the other things we need will come.   The things we all work towards to have in our life won’t make us happy without having love in it!   Be thankful for every person and everything that you have!

3 important words. That we all are thankful for.

I love you;  can be so hard to say at times.   We have all had that moment when someone we love so much that it is hard to find the right words to express how we feel.  Those three words are so important especially if they can change someone’s life;  its so easy to say.   But why when it’s needed the most, we can’t get them out;  or it feels like just saying I love you is not enough to really express how you feel? When you feel like there should be another way to let someone know how much you love them.  It feels like there is no way to show someone who means the world to you;  how you really feel.   But one day you will just get that feeling like they know and feel the same way about you!

Daily devotion

What is a devotion to you?

To most people who go to church; its time with GOD.  But to people who feel that is not them,  think of something that you do each day to help you think in positive feeling.   Its what means the most to you;  for me its helping others, writing and knowing that I am able to inspire others.     I know devotion is something we all should try to have;  even if it something other than faith based.


Its Christmas  the time when we think of what we can give loved ones;  but the best gift we can give someone is love!  I’m thankful that I have love and I can give it to my family and friends.

This Christmas

So many of you might not know my close family members live all over the world; sometimes it can be hard because of not getting enough time together and that we do have together seems to go by way to fast.  My family has grown to include some very close friends,  I believe that family is not just the people who have your same name; but also the people in your life as you hold close to you.   This Christmas my brother and his family are going to be home.   I am very excited to see them,  this Christmas will be amazing!


As I get older I realize how much buying gifts is not as important as the relationships we have.  What is a gift?  It is not only something you can buy, it is also the people.  Relationships that means more than any gift; a relationship that you know will always be there. .  Gifts are replaceable but a special relationship you can never been replaced.  I am thankful that there are so many ways to give.

Day 21

I know I already said that I was thankful for writing;  but I forgot to say something that writing can do for anyone.  There are times,  when you have something to say but the right words don’t seem to come out.  I have found that when you are writing; its seems easier to get it out on paper sometimes.   This week I wrote someone; I was able to write out something that when I see this person I can’t get the right words out.   So all to say,  if you ever find yourself waiting to say something but can’t write it out.


Holidays times are here.   The time to be with loved ones,  give thanks;  be joyful and as always be hopeful. Though Thanksgiving is over; but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give thanks. But we can always show that you are thankful for everything you have.   This Thanksgiving I was with my step sister;  the best part was getting to know her more!   So I am so thankful for her.

Day19/ have a great Thanksgiving.

Today I am getting ready to  go on a road trip to  Tennessee for Thanksgiving I be not posting because I write with special kind of keyboard and it’s not easy to take with.   I am thankful for holidays new places to see.  And getting time with family. Each day is full of little gifts remember that. Even just waking up , the moments you share with someone special,  anything and everything we have is a gift!   Your smile to someone who in need, hugs,  love anything you just have to harder some days!  Be thankful for everyday.     Love and never stop being who you are!   happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Day18; I’m thankful for angels.   You may not believe in them but I think that they are everywhere we look.


Day 17; I am so thankful for fun times.   Today I had so much fun with friends; just doing normal shipping at first but it turned into great fun with a friend who we don’t get to see a lot.


Today I am thankful that I can give to others.   I know it’s seems weird but I love giving others gifts;  I love seeing how happy someone when they don’t expect that they are getting something just because they are loved!


Thankful for everything I have;  I know there are times that I have wished that some things could be different from time to time;  we all get that way sometimes. I used to think it I love others to much but now that I think I understand how much love can give us true happiness,  I am very thankful that I have love in my world ; it’s the true key to being happy! I see people that feel unloved but they have money really can’t make you happy.


Today I am thankful for; dogs and cat.  They are so fun to watch them paying.  They are so different but my pets are the best  of friends.


Today I’m thankful for music.   I love it,  it is always on in my room.   Music can get change your mood and help you get through anything!



I have lost count of what day I’m on, today I’m thankful for lazy days .  Sometimes we all could use a lazy day life is always gogogo.  It is nice to have a day when you can hang out at home .

Days5 through 11

When you don’t feel good, you can’t always that there is anything to thankful for.   But there is always one in your day to give thanks for. I have been in bed for the past four days,  I am so thankful that I have a great home when you don’t feel good all you want is to be in your own bed. I am thankful for my mom,  she was right next to me when I could not do much but be a baby because that is how I felt all weekend.   I am just thankful for one word”love”.  And for heeling.


Today I am thankful for the relationships that helped me know what I want to do with my life.   I could have written a lot on each person and maybe I will;  but for today it’s everyone in my close friends and family.   We don’t always know why we have relationships with some of the people it just happens.   Life brings people in and out my it feels like a lot, well it’s more than I would like!   But now that I am older they are not totally out of my life;  its a different relationship between me and that friend or family member.  My family has been so amazing, I have two older Brothers who I have also been close too,  I kind of like being the only girl and the baby.   Well sometimes lol.! Family is everything to me!   My friendships are important to me;  its sometimes it is what keeps me going.   They are so different from the friends I see all the time to the ones are I don’t get to see all that much, but I know that I will never let them go!  Its knowing that whatever happens I will always great relationships!


Today I’m thankful that I can write.   I know it’s not something that great,  but when you have a physical disability in which its hard to do anything for yourself.   You are thankful the small things that you can do without having someone help you!   I am so thankful that I will have a way help others thought my writing!   Its has always been in my heart to help others.   Ever since I was a little girl I knew I was going to help people.   I thought I wanted to be a doctor; thinking that it was the only way to help people,  but now I know that there are so many ways to help others.   Its what makes me so happy/thankful that I can write to inspire and help others.

Thankfulness day 2

Why can this seem to be so hard?  There is so much to be thankful for each day;  but when I try to pick one,  I can’t think of anything.  Today as I was thinking of what I love the most getting;  I thought of hugs.   Hugs make us feel good,  they have meaning when they came from a loved one.   When everyone else does not change the way you feel try hugging.

The mouth of November

Last year I started writing for each day of November  I wrote what I was thankful for everyday till Thanksgiving.   But this year I am going to see how  long I can do this.   It may not be everyday but there are so many things that we can be thankful for that we just don’t think of giving thanks for but we should.   Here is my first two days of thankfulness;  one is the sun.   The sun something that we love the way it brings life happiness.  Day two;  stuffed animals I have lots on my bed;  I have a few that have meaning to me.   Some of them I like to sleep with because somehow that bear let’s me feel close to the person who had given to me.