if you have any kind of disability, you know that you are going to work harder in anything, that you want to do. Just because others don’t see us as equal! They first feel like we are children even though we are not or otherwise they want to do everything for us! Wny is it still not understood that people with disabilities can do everything just in a different way! We have the ADA but really what good does that do? It just seems to make life for us harder in some cases, yes it is there to help us but think about it why do we need it? I feel like it’s because other people have not to accept people with disabilities, so we need it so we could have a life. But it doesn’t fix the people who don’t read the book of the ADA or we can’t just use it to help us through our problems sometimes it takes knowing about what people want, need maybe even just to let them know that you want to understand what is it like for them..