What is life without people who you can count on? Do we all want that? What if you have a mental illness? You have to hide how much you are hurting, just because others don’t see or understand that your mind is designed differently. I know I’m not a psychiatrist or anything like that, but everytime I hear a story of someone talking about their mental illness and then having people walk out of their life because of something they can’t help or they feel a different way drives me crazy. I am going to find a way to break down that stigma.

Help each other

Hello friends, I know I have not been writing a whole lot, but I hope to change that. I know with covid a lot has changed the way we live, but I hope it hasn’t changed the way we show love! More than ever Love is needed for us to make it through this crazy new way of life! It is hard to get out and see loved ones but we have able to make video calls. Mental health has been high just because of we can’t get out! Just find a way to talk to people about how you feel, it will help!! 💚💚