Have you ever thought about how much people can make your word maybe you don’t think that people can; maybe for you its your job or something else.  But nobody could make it alone, having things that take place of relationships is not the way to live.  I’m not saying you have to a boy/girlfriend to be happy but any relationship that you have special bond with is what would help, during the sad, happy times just a person who you know is always right there to talk,  family of a friend .  But I feel like that nowadays  happiness is boyfriend  or girlfriend to find happiness,  no it’s not true yes it helps but if you are not happy with who you are.  Relationships won’t make you,  they can help but you have to be ok with yourself first before anything else!   Maybe you have children and to you they came first, but if you are not happy with yourself it won’t help them!   Or if you are like me where you sometimes get so helping others,  you forgot about yourself;  its me all the time!   But I also need to do things for me so I keep doing what makes me happy.   Yes I have some people who help me but I know I am ok with whom I am mostly and I am working on the things I don’t;  because this is all I want to do with my life is help otters but first thing is knowing that some days I need to come first,  or telling someone who I’m close with to help me thought whatever I am feeling.


Today I’m going to write about self-confidence,  self-esteem;  I  know it can be a hard one to think you are enough.   Its hard to think about the good and special things that only you are!  You.   There is only you; the people in your need you!   But ourselves thinks as if we are not good enough;  here an example,  each day I get to write I think I won’t be able to spell right,  even though I have people tell me I write well and I so love to help others it is my way to help others also sometimes I have to spell out a word so I can be understood.   So you would think I could be great at.  Actually not good at all but friends and others say I am good and writing in my thing,  but in my head I’m thinking I’m not!   So why still do it?   Because every sense I could remember I have wanted to help others and my CP to be understood I thought that I couldn’t do it because of writing and blogging I can help others but I have to write and write well I am sure I have mistakes, but I am seeing now myself confidence might need worked on a little and also while getting better but knowing that I don’t have to be a perfect writer to do something I love.   As I grow in my business I will get better.  But we are harder on ourselves more than anyone because we want to be loved but we need to be able to love ourselves before anyone else.   Starting with self-confidence!

Your smile

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. Thich Nhat Hanh” Someone, somewhere needs to hear this!   Our lives are full but of the things that bring us down and we start to think if we can make a difference or even worst loved.  May be you are going through something that you are not ready to talk about it, you are feeling alone like no one will understand your feelings.  That makes you want to hid behind the smile like everything is ok, but really just be the you everyone loves because really you are loved, and your smile is needed!  That is not said enough!


Do you have a kind of disability that somethings you can’t do?  I went for a great hike this morning with a friend; and I got to thinking about something I don’t really think about too much.   What if I could walk what if I was normal?   I would be a cowgirl a hiker all over the outdoors.   I don’t know just something about being outdoors nothing more to fancy but give me my own ranch oh yeah good I would love it.   If you know me I don’t think you see me as a country girl,  but each time I get to go out away from everything I just love the feeling!   But I have a great life in town with a disability.   I would not think that I could go on hikes and I can and I love it so much!

Mental illness

Today is mental illness awareness day, depression, suicide and many others disabilities in which nobody can see.  The hardest difference to talk about, there are many different thoughts on this topic; even if you deal with depression it may be different in your life than anyone else.  It is so different for everyone, for some talking about it helps them, others just hide it.   I don’t know very much about mental illness but it’s one topic I want to help.

What is the best thing you can give someone?   When it really matters;  if you know they are going through the hardest time and wandering if it could get better.  Giving them your time they could make all the difference.

I read this and loved it!   I know how just knowing you are loved can help in ways you can only Imagine.  “deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Lao Tzu”.    Knowing that you have somebody any time of day just makes everything easier.

True friendships

I love sunny days when you can I outside and just let your mind wonder.  I’ve thinking about people who were there when I needed them, the people that are not family but somehow that friendship becomes more than just friends.  May be you are not one who believes in that.  But I can tell you if you started your life in a different country you would understand it.   Its not because it don’t love my family but when your life is in the other side of the world;  you being to see that family can be friendships that mean the most.  Friends who see you the way you are and that’s what truly matters.


I am a happy person mostly if you just read my blogs or have seen my facebook you would think I am so busy I have so many friends and people who want to do things with me;  I do have amazing friendships and family which I wouldn’t give up for anything I know how lucky I am!  But sometimes I do get down in a place where I don’t want to let others know I feeling a depressed and I know it’s ok to get down have sad days.  Here is a look in to my days and why I have been feeling a little lonely; it’s hard for me to get out when I want to, and I understand that my friends have busy lifes and it takes more for me to get out; I need to have an caregiver to take me, if my friend can’t come get me.  So I look at my aids as my friends and it’s ok, if I had all day care which I don’t, I don’t need to have any day health care but I sometimes want to just hang out for the day with them, but I know I can’t they are here to help me within the hours I have.   There are days when I am good being on my own and not going out ; I know I’m not going to my friends everyday but sometimes I want to have a friend call me and say lets get together but it doesn’t happen.  It doesn’t normally get to me but lately it has been.   I am grateful for everything I have and my friendships, but I do get lonely because I wish I could go out see friends who I don’t see very much I want to do more.

Good to know.

As you know;  I am working on becoming a online mentor,  I want to help in different topics including disabilities,  depressed and bipolar depression.   I am disabled , people can see my difference and I can explain why I am the way I am but it still hard for people to us my CP.  But the two other differences I want to help in or just be a support in depression and bipolar; you don’t see if someone is dealing with it. I can understand that whoever has either of bipolar or depression;  first it is the easy to tell someone second you feel different and from my experience people don’t see differences even though we all are different!   But if you have a differences you can face loneliness and much more hard things than your difference,  I get it all the time I may not be a doctor,  but I understand what it’s like to a name called just because of something I can’t help.    But back to bipolar;  this is what it is ‘’ What Are the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

In bipolar disorder, the dramatic episodes of high and low moods do not follow a set pattern. Someone may feel the same mood state (depressed or manic) several times before switching to the opposite mood. These episodes can happen over a period of weeks, months, and sometimes even years.How severe it gets differs from person to person and can also change over time, becoming more or less severe. Symptoms of mania (“the highs”):

  • Excessive happiness, hopefulness, and excitement
  • Sudden changes from being joyful to being irritable, angry, and hostile
  • Restlessness
  • Rapid speech and poor concentration
  • Increased energy and less need for sleep
  • Unusually high sex drive
  • Making grand and unrealistic plans
  • Showing poor judgment
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Becoming more impulsive

During depressive periods (“the lows”), a person with bipolar disorder may have:

Here is an over view of bipolar depression, I know I couldn’t fix this or depression, but if we start learning about it, I might be able to help someone with either depression and or bipolar diseases.