Day9; 15

Thinking about what I’m thankful for today. Well I guess I didn’t write one for yesterday.I’m really bad at this this year,, I am thankful for every time I can help others and if I could write that every day I would!  That is how much I love doing things for family and friends! I guess you can I try to put others first;everyone who knows me knows I need a lot of help daily with many everything.  I’m so thankful that I have so much love around me always, that I know I don’t have to be something I not! Which I know that there are have cp and even people who do not feel loved like no one will be there when they need it. How can that be? I wish I could send love to those who need it! That is why I started this blog and it’s a something I can do on my own. Today I’m thankful for loved ones! 

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