Seasons, people can change and move on with life, not even realizing that they may forget about your friendship which normal but still hard if you are the one that feels the same.   Happens more than I want to say!   But I am going to write about the friendships that don’t change even if they mostly cities which really that hardly happens or it doesn’t last!   But I have been so lucky that I can say I have friends like that, and one who I know we are so far ahead and we both have different lifes and we don’t see each other that much but she is still close to me when I know she could have moved on but we are in each other lifes every day,  its means so much when you know they could have not kept your friendship but they do.   Just thinking about that.  As I know people don’t have that;  time can get away from us and it’s hard old friends when you can’t tell them you are going over but all you can do I keep close by messages and phone calls,  if they are that important to you it works!

If you have ever loved someone that you don’t know how to tell them how much it means to they are in your life!   Its like there are not enough ways to say how much they mean to you.   Even if you tell them each day; may be you just have to her there no-matter how or what, just be the person they can go to anytime!   It’s hard but maybe that’s the best thing they have;  is knowing someone is always there.   People don’t get that a lot,  its as if we have to be alone if we have any kind of difference.

Growing in faith

I have always had a strong faith and I have gave my life to helping others and God.  In saying that I know my faith can be better, lately I’ve been reading more faith books and really enjoying them!  Ever get this feeling where you want to do or know more about one topic or maybe even you know it could here grow.   Learning only can make us better, may be even help you when you are feeling like what you want to do is not coming to you.   Even just to give you a new outlook, for me lately I have been feeling kind of like I need to add something in my life.   But I don’t always get out so I am starting to see that my faith could use some work, reading devotionals every day, reading the Bible more while keeping in mind I want to be a mentor,   it seems right in this time my life with having a lot of new things I am doing and also trying that I want to grow myself mostly so I can grow in my business.  So if you are in a place where you don’t think you can make it through, start a decoration it helps!

Part 2 mount Evans

Sorry I have not done a post this week; with the 4th and my birthday this week got kind of crazy and went by so fast!   I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  First off mountain experience was amazing;  I was able to see something I never thought I would get to do or experience; getting to be on the very top of a mountain .  Just amazing in more than one way,  I have always looked things that I want to do as a goal in which because of my CP challenging but I do it anyway,  like cp watch me.   Lol.  No but I don’t let it stop me,  my family and friends helps me if I get in that zone where I don’t think it can which sometimes happens!   Like getting to the top of a mountain because of a friend.     Who has started an organization to get people out; and really we were just taking about the idea of getting me up at a mountain thinking it would be a while before we could make it happen.  But he came back to me and said he was going to start this organization to get people out and he wanted me to help him/be apart of it.   So that it was a goal to get me to the mountain with a lot of help but it would happen!  Were started talking about what we would need to get us up to there,  soon what seemed like a lot of necessity things with taking someone in a wheelchair up a mountain,  he just ended up getting some friends together and said we are doing this now!  !  Not only did I get to do it but my friend took a other men up with us!   It was amazing getting to be on top of the world for a few minutes,   it seemed like the top of the world even though there are higher mountains to me I felt as if I could see everything!