Live a life of love within yourself; is a community group to support each other.  In a time, day or if it’s always we have times when we go through something that we just as need to know someone is there!   I am not a dog who knows everything about mental health, but I know what is it like to have a difference that everyone see before they give you time to get to know you.   I know how much it can hurt when you know if people would see you without your difference, they would see you differently!  This has been my God to help others; since I have a hard time talking I have decided to be mentor though writing.  This I hope for it to become my business, so I am going to say $20 for a year of mentoring with me.


What could we do to help people who have mental illness?   As I think about what I want my business to be about also thinking when I helped someone without even realizing what I had did, just being myself fun, crazy and happy did just that help?  I don’t know.   But topic is what I have been thinking about how would I be the help to comfort them through just writing on whatever they are going through;  I can’t but I really want help,  even others differences its just something that is calls to do this with my life;  since I was a kid I always wanted to make a difference in other lifes!  Its harder than what I thought but with learning and time I will do this!

I am someone who knows what it feels like to be the odd one the different kind of person; or the person who’s their disability makes others see you one way but to my disability is not that bad. I am more than what others see at first; I love more than anything else making a difference in someone else’s life but if you talk to me you may not be able to understand me.   I have always looked at the things I couldn’t do and found a way to do them.  Never say I can’t!  I have done a lot which people thought I couldn’t do and I still keep going like I don’t care about what others think!   I have had a lot of people who have been there for me and also people who wouldn’t mind seeing me not do anything.   But they helped me to want to show them otherwise!   I have worked with children who are disabled,  I have been a baby-sitter.  I have always am ready to do things for others.  I wanted to be a psychologist to be there and help others;  because knowing that there are people hunting or wanting to end their lives because they fell alone and depressed, it’s just make think how much I can do.   I might not make a huge difference but maybe I can help one person.  It’s not about what I get out of it but being a difference for someone else!   There is so much sadness and hurt that war fighting every day is all we hear; not support or love.   Love and support is what L is 4 Love: Z’s Mentoring Services will be about, disabilities, depression and others differences because that is where my heart is.

People and time can change.    But true friendship, family love does not no matter what you do!  Money, things are important but only if you have love and know who you are!   Do you love yourself? Or did other people make you not?  People think differently is weird looking it’s not right, but guess what everyone is different and I think it’s amazing!   Just as a sown fake they are all so different even if we can’t tell.  Why are we so worried about standing out when we know it’s better!   I still a times where I don’t like my CP;  because I get the weird looks as if I was a child, and I have to work harder to show people that it is just a physical disability!   But I do anything like you!  This is why I love to write and help others who are different and don’t think they are worth it.  Being different is awesome!

Having a physical disability is that big of a deal I think.   It a difference in the way people think; to me any kind of a difference is a disability but for most people a disability is different than something small that they may have.   It is not a disability; where do you get that idea from? We place people with visible differences into one group but it shouldn’t be we together because we’re all different!  I want to change the word to be the new normal!

Love is the best thing on earth.   I don’t want or need any other gifts even.   That is my happiness love and sharing it.    I know it may not help everything but for me yes it does.  My mission to help those who are feeling alone and hurting.

What is the best love?   To feel it or give it? I am wondered about this;  how could you show somebody just how much you love them?    When most of lifes is spent at work, making sure we can get everything we need to be happy but really what is needed most;  is the thing we do when everything else is ok.  Show somebody what they mean to us.   I think that is why so much hurt;  yes we need to money.   But we need each other more! I love deeply as I want to make others understand that love is so needed.

I am so excited there is so much that I am excited about; I have been telling you that I am going to start offering to be a mentor; I can now say I am open for business!   You should know a few things about how this will work. First I am disabled so it will take me longer to write to you; I have to use another program for writing it’s helps my writing; second my time with you will be $10 , I am a doctor or anything like that.  But I know what’s its like to be different, left out because other’s don’t understand disabilities.   I have been there many times; it’s not fun having to explain why you are the way you are,  when everyone was some sort of difference.  I’m about love.   This has been my dream ever since I was a child.   I may not be expected but I have an open heart and love to make a difference or even just put some sun in your life.
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Thanks for your support!

Love, dancing through life I like to see my life!  I don’t always but I would like to think I can be in a place in my life where I can say that I have everything together lol; I don’t.  I have to learn so much still about life coaching or mentoring others; I keep on putting it off to do more studding into the things that would help me get there but I doubt myself like we do sometimes.   This idea keeps on coming back to my heart so that I know it is my calling in life!   So I think I have to go for it and see what happens.

My job with Accessible-systems and Living a life of love within yourself are coming together.

I love helping others that has been my dream; I am also disabled and know how hard life can be when you are different!   I have recently got a job with Accessible-systems; writing articles.  I have been thinking about combining the two, they are very important to me.     Depression is one topic I’m very interested in, and a few other topics that could come up if you are disabled or even if you have a difference which no one understands.   Why is that;  when we are all different?  Everything that I love doing can be connected .  So there will be more to come about disabilities, differences between them and of course how we can all support each other.

If you have any ideas for me to write about please let me know. If you would rather message me you can, this page is for you. This is a community where everyone can come to feel loved and if you are in a place in life where you are feeling down on yourself, I hope you will find some inspiration to get you through the hard times. Please free to message me,, please share this page with your family and friends. Thank you so much for your support!


  • This is a place for anyone who needs to talk  about the hardships and the happiest times.
  • To feel love.
  • What is love to you?   We can talk about it, and what love means .
  • A place where differences are welcome!
  • Love is necessary to live a happy life!

What is love? ‪#‎Livealifeoflovewithinyourself‬

I am going to do something different!   Love is my project it’s going to be what this blog will be about.  I have always wanted to find a way to help others,  I thought that I wanted to work with people who have depression but now I know that every issue that I hold close to my heart all have one thing in common is that love is needed!   I know I have been changing my goal for this blog around so much.   But I think I have finally know that everything can be done through love. I would like to have this website be a network for anyone to come here write to me about anything you are having a hard time with,  or if you just want to get inspired,  or even just feel loved!   I will also be writing about my life and the hard things I have to go through, also the great things!

Guide lines

I know I have to learn more about depression to be able to help more people.   This blog, the facebook and twitter are meant to be used as an outlet for people who just need someone to talk to.   I am looking for ideas of what you think I should write about.  I want to have a online community to help and inspire people who are going through depression or even if you are just needing someone to support you. There are so many people who feel as if there is no one who loves them, or even people who don’t think that they are worthy to be loved.   Because they may look different or act differently,  but we are all different.    My hope is to have this blog  become a network that could help so many people who are feeding alone, I also want to bring more awareness to depression;  love is necessary in this world.


Mission statement.

I love helping others by talking about the many ways depression is hard to overcome and how in letting go you save your life to give the you the life you are intended to live.  We all need to feel loved and supported during life’s hardest times!  Let’s bring more awareness to depression,  together we could help so many people!