Day 6, do you ever give thanks for something in your life that is hard.. Today I am giving thanks for my CP. I know it’s the thing that has helped me become the person I am today but it has made my life harder, but I am the way I am! The hardest thing about my CP is, people who don’t know me can’t understand me.. Most people who don’t know me think I can’t think for myself and it drives me nuts! I have recently became ok with it. It’s not me it’s them!

From someone I look up to.

This is from a very dear friend.   ‘’ Zara, has always been very thoughtful towards me. She cares about all of my feelings. When I was in need, as a Mom, she helped me take care of my kids so that I could do other things. They loved her and remember those times, to this day. I enjoy texting her everyday. She brings me joy.”

A great message from a follower

This poem is from one of my followers Wendy Crawford.  I thought that you all would like to see this.
Love has so many different feelings
Our love for God/Jesus…….
Loving everything that God put in this world for us to see and hear……

people can be very attracted to each other……..
parent and child bonding………,
love for animals………, family members……

I would like to hear from everybody who wants to share anything about love or any other topic;  I’m hoping that this will be a safe place where people can come and feel loved.