This year is over. Was it a great year, what are you are going to do next?  What will next year bring you?  Would you want to do something that will change someone’s life? I have never been  one to have a new years resolution, but this time I think I have one, its more of a goal than a resolution. But I want to get my writing out so much more, there are so many people who feel hurt, alone and brokenhearted. I know I can’t help everyone,  but I know there is a way to inspire and just let others feel cared for.   This is going to be my mission for this year to get my dream/hope to be real, facebook/this blog, my writing to help others!

Time to share with loved ones is the Christmas present!  Life should have this feeling the whole year not just one day or week;  but each day!   Each day we can make someone’s day.  Its not that hard,  people out there are feeling alone and brokenhearted why?  We could smile at someone just passing by us;  or if you know a friend needs love, someone just to listen and to let them know that they have somebody that will always be there no-matter what time they need you.   Christmas for most people is the gifts and we forget that love is the gift that is needed!


Its Christmas  the time when we think of what we can give loved ones;  but the best gift we can give someone is love!  I’m thankful that I have love and I can give it to my family and friends.

”Never give up on someone that you can’t go a full day without thinking about.”  This is so true; if there is someone who somehow everyday comes to your mind,  never give up them.  You might not know how much that person needs you.   Love is so easy to give; but so many people don’t have it in their lives. There is a reason why you think about that person everyday, think of it as they need to feel loved.  If you know someone that needs help or love;  there is so much that you can do to show them you are there for them.   It shouldn’t matter if they reply one day you will know how much you just saying how much they mean to you how much it made a difference in their life knowing that there is someone that cares for them.

This Christmas

So many of you might not know my close family members live all over the world; sometimes it can be hard because of not getting enough time together and that we do have together seems to go by way to fast.  My family has grown to include some very close friends,  I believe that family is not just the people who have your same name; but also the people in your life as you hold close to you.   This Christmas my brother and his family are going to be home.   I am very excited to see them,  this Christmas will be amazing!


As I get older I realize how much buying gifts is not as important as the relationships we have.  What is a gift?  It is not only something you can buy, it is also the people.  Relationships that means more than any gift; a relationship that you know will always be there. .  Gifts are replaceable but a special relationship you can never been replaced.  I am thankful that there are so many ways to give.


Love makes you vulnerable and susceptible to emotional paroxysm.When you love someone you give them every bit of you slowly and slowly.You share yourself bit by bit .You give them your whole complete give them your heart, your soul, your mind and your body and everything else about your being..You love them from breath to breath, from thought to thought and from moment to moment. But when they leave they take your best part with them and that is your soul and they leave you breathless, thoughtless and lifeless.They just leave you shattered with all your bits and pieces but you cannot gather them and fix them back like they were fixed before and then you are a changed person.You are left so broken that you can never be the same again..NEVER…Aarti Khurana”

I saw this quote and thought I had to share.

Helping people

Life is not about giving up, but you are in a hardship in life sometimes you can’t see any way out.   There will be people who will either try everything they can to help you get where you want to get in life; or there will be others that will not care to help you.   Or even there are people who will want to help you,  but they may not just not know how to help you.  On the other hand;  there are might be some people who you want to help.  Sometimes people might not want help;  so the best thing you could do is just by letting them how you care for them.

Why is there sadness?
Why can’t we all see that we are all the same?

Look past the difference,

And you will see that we are equal?

Day 21

I know I already said that I was thankful for writing;  but I forgot to say something that writing can do for anyone.  There are times,  when you have something to say but the right words don’t seem to come out.  I have found that when you are writing; its seems easier to get it out on paper sometimes.   This week I wrote someone; I was able to write out something that when I see this person I can’t get the right words out.   So all to say,  if you ever find yourself waiting to say something but can’t write it out.

Hope and Love

Little bit of love can go a long way.
Hope that better times will come.
Do what you can to help others.
This season is for giving and hope.

People we love.

Look around

Look at the people who mean the most to you.

Does it matter how much you see them?
Or does  the time you have together matter more?
Remember the good times you had together

And know that no one can take that moment away from you

7.6% of Americans are depressed, but few seek mental health treatment

About 1 in 13 Americans was suffering from depression at some point between 2009 and 2012, yet only 35% of people with severe depression and 20% of those with moderate depression said they had sought help from a mental health professional, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Melissa Healy
That’s troubling, the report authors write, because therapy combined with medication is “the most effective treatment for depression, especially for severe depression.” Drugs might be prescribed by a primary care doctor, but only a mental health specialist would conduct the type of therapy needed to get well.

The report, from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, offers a snapshot of the nation’s mental state during recent years.

lRelated Risk of depression is nearly twice as high for unemployed Americans
Risk of depression is nearly twice as high for unemployed Americans

The findings are based on interviews with a nationally representative group of American adults and teenagers who participated in the federal government’s ongoing National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. These volunteers answered a range of questions that assessed a variety of physical, cognitive and mood symptoms that are related to depression. Responses from people 12 years old and older were used to compile the report.

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Related story: Antidepressants rapidly alter brain architecture, study finds
Geoffrey Mohan
Overall, 2.9% of the participants had suffered “severe depressive symptoms” in the two weeks before they were interviewed, and another 4.7% had “moderate depressive symptoms,” the researchers found. Americans in their 40s and 50s were the most likely to be depressed, with 9.8% having moderate or severe depression. They were followed by Americans between the ages of 18 and 39, with a 7.4% depression rate. The oldest (ages 60 and over) and the youngest (ages 12 to 17) people in the survey were the least likely to be depressed, with rates of 5.4% and 5.7% respectively.

When one sees who their fellows voted into office, one can be and should be depressed. “To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people, is a chimerical idea” James Madison 1788
AT 6:22 AM DECEMBER 04, 2014

African Americans (9.7%) and Latinos (9.4%) had higher rates of moderate and severe depression than whites (6.9%), according to the report. (No data were reported for Asian Americans.) However, after the researchers adjusted their findings to take poverty status into account, there were no significant differences based on race or ethnicity.

Gender, on the other hand, had a large effect, with women experiencing higher levels of depression than men in all age groups. The biggest gap was among people in their 40s and 50s — 12.3% of women in this age group were moderately or severely depressed, compared with 7.2% of men. That 5.1-point difference was 30% bigger than the 3.9-point difference for the entire study population. Overall, 9.5% of women were depressed, along with 5.6% of men.

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Related story: Suicides rose during Great Recession. Could some have been prevented?
Karen Kaplan
Depression took a meaningful toll on people’s lives, the researchers discovered. About 43% of those with severe depression said they had “serious difficulty” managing their work, home and social activities, and another 45% had “some difficulty.” For people with moderate depression, the corresponding figures were 16% and 58%. Even for people with mild depressive symptoms, 4% had serious difficulty with their daily activities and 42% had some difficulty.
Despite these problems, only 35% of people suffering severe depression and 20% of those with moderate depression told interviewers they had seen a mental health specialist, such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse or clinical social worker. (The researchers couldn’t verify whether these people actually began treatment for their depression.) Latinos were the least likely group to seek professional help from a mental health specialist — only 28% of those with severe depression and 17% of those with moderate depression did so, according to the report.

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Holidays times are here.   The time to be with loved ones,  give thanks;  be joyful and as always be hopeful. Though Thanksgiving is over; but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give thanks. But we can always show that you are thankful for everything you have.   This Thanksgiving I was with my step sister;  the best part was getting to know her more!   So I am so thankful for her.