Have you ever loved someone that the more you try to tell thecan\’t find the right word to describe how much you love them! Each time it gets harder.. But somehowm it’s like you can’t find the right word to describe how much you love them! Each time it gets harder.. But somehow you know they understand how you feel. So that is what you need to trust and stop over thinking of ways to show them,, they know!

Looking out on a snowy day, I don’t like snow but watching come down is beautiful. As many other things in life. We don’t always see it, but beauty is in everything we just need to take the time to see it.

Everyone has times where we wonder if we’re doing what we are meant for, if we can do more. During times of change is hard to find yourself but if you have support you will find your way..

Today I am thankful for light in our life that helps us keep happy. For me, it’s love and helping others see they’re loved ❤️. Shining into someone else’s life is the best way to give them love..

Day 11, I know I missed a few days but I have decided that I will do my own days. Today I thankful for books and reading! I have always been a big reader but now I can read on my phone.! I’m reading anytime i can!

Day 8. I’m thankful for my family, and the family that has became so close to me I think of them as family.. My birth family is so far away that it’s nice to have friends that are my 2ed family!

Day 7. I love music, sometimes that’s all I need to get happy! I love when a good song comes on, and I am able to go to other place. A favorite song can remind you a moment and or a friendship. I’m thankful for music and what it gives us..

Day 6, do you ever give thanks for something in your life that is hard.. Today I am giving thanks for my CP. I know it’s the thing that has helped me become the person I am today but it has made my life harder, but I am the way I am! The hardest thing about my CP is, people who don’t know me can’t understand me.. Most people who don’t know me think I can’t think for myself and it drives me nuts! I have recently became ok with it. It’s not me it’s them!

Day 5. I love to help others. I have been on a few boards, since I can’t get a job I’ve decided to help with non-profit organizations: which I went to school for. My friend who loves the outdoors as much as I would if I could walk: we started an special needs outdoors organization.! It has changed my life! It has been amazing to see people’s lives change just because they are now able to do something that they couldn’t do without this organization.. I’m thankful for that organization and this friendship.

You know when you are a child, getting a gift to open on your birthday is the thing that makes your day. It’s great to get gifts, but for me it’s the people who have made an impact on me to help me become the person i am meant to be. I have a disability so a mentor can be important just to help talk though life. I have found one who has been very close to me for a long time now and I just realized that we have been talking daily for years I thought it would be nice, a mentor is someone who understands what is going on in your life and you can talk about anything. We’re very close, I love my mentor. I’m thankful for her.

Day 3, I’m thankful for love and support. I’m a happy person mostly but I do have my bad days. But I have so much love that when I am having a hard time, I have people that I can talk to about anything and that is what makes the difference in my life!

I use to hate writing because I am a terrible speller, it didn’t help that I was not able to write on my own until I was in high school, which helped when we can write for ourselves and we can see and learn how to write. Now that I can write on my own, I love to write! I’m starting to keep my diary and doing this blog that I hope helps others I am realizing how much I love to write. Day2 I am thankful for writing!

Thanksgiving month is here! One of my favorite time of year, I always try to write each day what I am thankful for that day but I don’t always keep doing it. So let’s see if I write each day… This year was a great year I have so much to be thankful for. I realized what is a true gift is. I will write more on that later this month. Day1, I am thankful for memories that help make you who you are today!