Today I am thankful for the relationships that helped me know what I want to do with my life.   I could have written a lot on each person and maybe I will;  but for today it’s everyone in my close friends and family.   We don’t always know why we have relationships with some of the people it just happens.   Life brings people in and out my it feels like a lot, well it’s more than I would like!   But now that I am older they are not totally out of my life;  its a different relationship between me and that friend or family member.  My family has been so amazing, I have two older Brothers who I have also been close too,  I kind of like being the only girl and the baby.   Well sometimes lol.! Family is everything to me!   My friendships are important to me;  its sometimes it is what keeps me going.   They are so different from the friends I see all the time to the ones are I don’t get to see all that much, but I know that I will never let them go!  Its knowing that whatever happens I will always great relationships!

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