I would like to try something, I want to offer to a mentor to my follows.  Just so I can start building my experience I really want to be able to help others, I also have hard times and I know what it’s like to be lonely or miss-understood.  Thank you

What is Love to you?   When do you feel loved the most?  Life is so busy with other things that do not make us as happy as Love can!  Sometimes it is easy to want students to make you happy but it doesn’t last like knowing that you are loved.   You, there is no one like you!   Nothing could be you; so don’t know that.   Someone who loves you, has the best gift of all YOU!   So forget what others tell you because they are wrong!

Love, dancing through life I like to see my life!  I don’t always but I would like to think I can be in a place in my life where I can say that I have everything together lol; I don’t.  I have to learn so much still about life coaching or mentoring others; I keep on putting it off to do more studding into the things that would help me get there but I doubt myself like we do sometimes.   This idea keeps on coming back to my heart so that I know it is my calling in life!   So I think I have to go for it and see what happens.

I want these next few mouths to be about giving back; I feel it more this year; I am not how or why but for me it’s better to give than to get.  I am going to go something!  Maybe it will be just on through writing on my blog. Going into the Christmas season and knowing how many people are hurting or getting by; I know I’m so lucky to have great support system that I can live on my own;  I am disabled and I need help with everyone just about;  but I can live on my own,  I have my sad days but I am happy. I want to give back !

The day before Thanksgiving and not doing a good job at writing daily about what I am thankful for after not feeling good a few days of not doing I want to say thanks for my health; I get headaches a lot I am not sure why sometimes.  I think sometimes I get so tight that it doesn’t help, there could be a lot of different that could be giving me headaches; waking up and feeling sick is the worst thing you have a lot of to do but you cannot do because it hurts and it could last days not fun.   Other than my down headaches days I am pretty healthy and happy. I know my blog has a long way to go; so I can make some money from something that I love doing which is writing and helping others; I am happy and thankful that I have so many followers on the blog and on the facebook page so thank you who-ever is following me.  It means a lot!  I just started writing to keep busy but now I have a feeling that one day I can have my online community to help others I am so thankful!


It’s the week of thanksgiving and I officially am bad at trying to write something I’m thankful for each day; its because I’m not thankful for I am.  But I don’t know why I can’t think of something different for each day.   For me it’s people that I am most thankful for,  the times I get with them is the best.   People,  love, is what really matters to me!


Today I’m thankful for love!  I know it has different meanings to everyone.  But for me,  it’s always thinking of someone else; family and friends.   A special friendship that you know its always there just like family!   Lately there has been a lot of shootings and sadness everywhere including sicknesses that it has gotten to me; especially because I have so many people I love that I don’t see much because they far away and I feel like I can’t be there the way I want to or they don’t know how much they are loved. It’s the way things are but I am thankful that everyday I can share love in some way!


Today I’m thankful for joy happiness. And just knowing that I can help others because I can share my heart without thinking about what I am doing for others! =


Day 13; I love waking and looking around my room at all the photos I have all over my room!  First because so many of my loved ones are so far away,  and it helps just to see people who have been there for me,  love is everywhere in my room I love it!

Days11 12

Thinking about what I’m thankful for today yesterday it was fun because I saw a friend who when we are together; its like we became kids and laugh no stop!  I love that kind of friendship where we can act like kids and not care.  Today I am thankful for music I love and need it on all the time.   It helps with my mood sometimes, its makes me think.   Most important I can dance in my room where nobody can see!


I know I already gave thanks for this friend but I would like to write a post just to her because I know she has helped make this year better for me!   Also I want to make her smile and feel special like she does for me daily!  Sometimes you just know that a friendship is meant to be!   From coming in my life when I really needed a friend and giving me my first babysitting job to somehow always supporting me even when we didn’t talk much,  I know that we will always be close!  She is one of the most important friends to me!  Today I’m so thankful that she is my special best friend I know I will have forever!


What are you thankful for this year?  Each day there is something to be thankful something that no everyone gets maybe it’s simple but for you it is huge!  For Day 9; I am so thankful that I can write;  to you it may not seem like something to be thankful for; but writing has gave me the opportunity to work but most importantly I have this blog where I can do something that I have dreaming about forever!  Its has been in my heart to help people.   Ever since I was a kid, making others feel happy and loved has been my mission!   So now I can write for others in read, it is the best!  I still have hopes to get a network for others to reach out me but with that I have a lot of leaning to get so I be a coach.  But for now I am very happy to be able to write and hopefully it is helpful to others.   Thanks for your support!

Day 8

Today I am trying to write on my new tablet, it’s exciting but I am still trying to learn how it works..  I got it to help me with my writing and also it’s helps me talk if I need! Technology has helped me so much to do more independently!! I am so thankful that I am able to do what I love doing, which is helping people!  I don’t feel as disabled when I have the opportunity to work and help others!

Day7; I am thankful for love. I have been in a little weird mood for me lately.   There are times when I’m down and it is because of anything,  I guess I  just wish I could do more like be out more. I know I do a lot but I want to be able to go out.   Am I depressed? No  I think I need to get into something like life coaching or just do something with my days that makes me happy! I am thankful for my best friends so thankful that they mean so much to me; more than I could say! My best friends, they are more like family I got to pick. I have a lot of best friends, but I have a very different and special friendships with each of them. To you, my best friends you mean everything to me, I love you!


Day4.  I am thankful for happiness too the kind where you don’t care who is calling you names or people who see you and think you are something that you are not.   I know I am not a good person to say it’s easy to not let it affect you because it’s annoying when people don’t see you for you.  I think what can be helpful is if you know who you are and if you love yourself than those things people tell you may hurt a little but then you will remember who you are and that you are loved.   I’m happy as who I because I am loved!


So the month of thanksgiving has started and I missed my thankfulness by two days, what how!  Day one, would be I’m thankful for my family especially my mum, they always told me not to let my did disability stop me, because of that I am able to live independently from them like a normal young adult!  I love it that my cp does get in the way.  Day two; would have to be getting a pretty friendship back!  Not only we had time together but now we talk everyday which I love so much!  Day three would be reading.