Thankful for everything I have; I know healthy and I have so much in my life to be thankful for!  I know there are times that I have wished that some things could be different from time to time; we all get that way sometimes. I used to think it I love others to much but now that I think I understand how much love can give us true happiness, I am very thankful that I have love in my world, I have the best mom in the world and brothers and two amazing dads.   Not only all those people but I have greatest best friends who are now apart of my family,  I have a second mom, sisters I couldn’t be more grateful!   Having friendships that somehow became apart of your family is the greatest gift ever!   Especially when your family lives around the world,  it can be great having family in different countries to get to go visit but most of the time it’s hard.   My best friends who I think of a family;  it doesn’t mean that I love my friends more than my mom and brothers it means that my mom and I never have to be alone we know we can always find someone to talk or who will help us if we need it.   I just wanted to give thanks to every person in my life,  I am so happy,  loved and to me that is the best gift I could ever have!   ! 

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