Project Walk

I have been going to a place called Project walk for about 3 to work out, and I can tell a difference in body.   I need to work out, because just sitting the same way all day every day could bring more problems for me than I could hardly.   It could also decline what I am able to do on my own,  I could get even more tight then I get on my bad days.   Its important for me to keep somewhat lose but not to look at that I couldn’t hold myself up, my kind of CP is this; Abnormal muscle tone (muscles with too much or too little tone).   Many people with Athetoid cerebral palsy, like me, they can’t hold themselves up.  So in a way my tightens helps me to sit on my own so it can me; but it can get too tight where I can’t do anything so the work out helps.  All that to say I found out Project Walk is closing the program in Denver.     I’m sorry to see go,  but I hope something like it will take its place for those who need it!

Guardian angels

I have a guardian angel.   She doesn’t think about it like that but I know there is no other way to describe it! Someone who watches over without being around you.  Its like knowing that they are there but we know they aren’t; it’s hard when you can’t be with someone that means the world to you!  But we have to, we find other ways to keep them close even if it doesn’t make it any easier.   But maybe thinking of them as guardian angel, helps.  I know many of you may not believe in angels but it just a thought that may bring you joy on the hard days!


This month is Mental illness awareness, this topic is near to my heart.   This blog is to honor those who live with depression,  or any other mental illness!   I don’t know as I would like to know about this topic because I think having knowledge on mental health could help.   I understand that people don’t was the tell others if they deal with depression or anything within mental illness as if they could get it,  or maybe they don’t want to!   Its like with my CP my body is always moving and I don’t talk right,  so others who do not know they think I can’t do anything for myself and the people who know me would think differently.   And nowadays I don’t care about if you like the way I am;  I have a disability so.   I can do whatever you do just in my way!     But for those who have mental illness; knowing you are special,  needed and loved just the way you are,  we know your illness is not you!   We know how hard you try to not let the depression get you but there are times when others could more understanding that it is not you!   The things others don’t get;  when all you want is love not to be put out over something you do,  not even knowing you do it.   If I someone in my life who had mental illness I would do everything else could to left them up.  Just because I know what its like to be on the sidelines ,  but people don’t want to help others if they have a difference!   Keep kicking butt; because you are special!


“There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs.” — Angel Flonis Harefa’’   I believe this quote it true, each person we meat there is a reason maybe we need them or they need us!  We may not ever know the reason but everyone we do there’s a reason.   A friendship or any relationship is a gift that could make our lives better.


What could we do to help people who have mental illness?   As I think about what I want my business to be about also thinking when I helped someone without even realizing what I had did, just being myself fun, crazy and happy did just that help?  I don’t know.   But topic is what I have been thinking about how would I be the help to comfort them through just writing on whatever they are going through;  I can’t but I really want help,  even others differences its just something that is calls to do this with my life;  since I was a kid I always wanted to make a difference in other lifes!  Its harder than what I thought but with learning and time I will do this!

Life can be hard, sad and everybody has things they wish they could change in a way other.   We are all different so what it is the way we were made!   May be we could change parts but really there is a reason why we are the way we are, a reason for everything,  even if we don’t see it.   It might be hard to get through but you will.

Mother’s day!

Mother’s Day is Sunday,  what can I say about mothers but they are amazing and we would be here without moms!  I have the best mom ever who had to raise me on her own,  moving to a different country to make sure I could have a full life,  also so I could be safe and independent .  We couldn’t bring my brothers because they are much older, so it was hard for us our new life.  I would say my relationship with my mom is more like a friendship then my mother and I love it.   We are close; I’m so lucky,  I am not a daddy’s girl but a moms girl.  I have two other very special friendships who I think of them as my other mothers and I feel so lucky to have that kind of relationship with two of my dearest friends!


My day was just made by my friend/sister now before I got her text I trying to think about what to write about.     Then I got a text from her; asking if she could use my picture to help her teacher children about different/disabilities.   Its not a big deal her asking me I want to bring more awareness to difference and she is like a sister to me.  I was her baby-sitter when she was 2, I went over to their house every day after school.   And her family moved after a year of being a’ ’mother’s helper’’ I thought she wouldn’t remember that time but kids do.  Like it was yesterday!   I just think about that family means so much to me,  first it was the first opportunity a job for me and I really don’t have to explain why I was in a chair or about my CP  her mom just saw me and wanted me to be able to watch them, Adira and Addison.  My close friend now;  don’t make a big deal about my disability which I think helped the kids just see me without my disability, now that I have been able to know Adira a little more I love that even if I hardly see them; we are still family.   I think it would be great for more young children to get an opportunity to around people with disabilities so they know that just because someone is in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they are that different from able-body people.   I am proud of my little sister!