A beautiful woman whom I’m so thankful for

I have been so lucky to have so many amazing friendships that have made my life so much more awesome just because they are in it!  There is one of them that I wish she knew how much her friendship has meant to me, I’m not going to say her name; but she has me always!   I know that the Lord gave her to me for a reason.   In high school she was my first true friend,  who saw me for me and not just my disability.    In high school kids aren’t too nice to people who are different, but she could see passed the  disability.  You know when you just know that something is meant to be?   That was how I felt about her and even more now!   We just connected in a special way that I am so grateful for!   I don’t have to see her to know that we will always have each other.   There are times that I wish I could be there for her more.  I am always thinking of her!

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