I am thankful for love and friendships  that I know I will always have ! 

You may not see a way, but God still has a way. It may look impossible, but God can do the impossible. — Joel Osteen

The act of prostitution is generally associated with selling one’s body for money, but to my mind that is the least significant example of the Prostitute archetype. The Prostitute thrives most bountifully in subtle ways and in the ordinary, everyday circumstances. It comes into play most clearly when our survival is threatened. Its core issue is how much you are willing to sell yourself – your morals, your integrity, your intellect, your word, your body, or your soul – for the sake of physical security. The Prostitute archetype also dramatically embodies and tests the power of faith. If you have faith, no one can buy you. You know that you can take care of yourself and also the Divine is looking out for you. Without faith, however, you will eventually meet the price you cannot turn down. — Caroline Myss

Thankfulness day1

Its that time of the year to  try to give thanks every day, I’m going to say one thing  I’m grateful for each day let’s  see if I can do it through the new year.  This year I have so much to be thankful  for; where do I start? I have started to live  on my own well with a roommate and it is only part time: but it is a lot different than having your mom with you every night now  I have to make sure I have help and everything.   I never thought I would be able to live without my mom or  with family but I can!   And I love it!

Get the heat and emotion out worry, and put cold, ruthless scrutiny onto the problem, and worry loses its power. When we are worried and filled with apprehension, we become panicky and are likely to see only gloom and failure. There isn’t any situation so bad that it won’t become a lot better when you think rationally – and spiritually – about it. God gives you the ability to think rationally about things by filling you with peace and faith. — Norman Vincent Peale

This a great article about how to teach children and all people that people who have a disability doesn’t mean you have to run from them.  We have a seeable disability, but you know that we are all disability in some way.

Life really wants you to learn a few lessons, and it will not stop trying to teach you until you learn. What has life been trying to teach you? Life wants you to have gratitude for the gift of living. Treasure every second. Life wants you to know yourself, be yourself and love yourself. You are a beautiful and unique person — a gift to the world. Life wants you to be able to fully receive and give affection and love. Life wants you to know that people are more important than things. Things are only here to be worn-out in the service of our needs and of those we love. Always choose people over things. Life wants you to know that feelings are more important than facts, and you should never hurt someone just to be right. Life wants you to respect yourself, respect other people and respect the planet. Be kind, patient and forgiving. Life wants you to touch, taste and see the grandeur of the world’s unfathomable variety. Travel, explore, learn and experience all you can! Life wants you to take proper care of your bodily vehicle, which carries your consciousness everywhere you wish. Life wants you to connect deeply with the hearts of other people — struggle together and rejoice together. Life wants you to thrive in the domain of your own unique creative vision for your yourself. Do not merely submit to the expectations of others or society. Life wants you to be fully supported in your needs and to live in abundance and safety. Life wants you to live in total alignment with true love, passion, and integrity. Life is trying to tell you to wake-up! It’s not too late. A thrilling, brilliant and electrifying life is yours the moment you wake-up. Proclaim now that you refuse to die without fully living!
— Bryant McGill

Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness. — George Sand

When you are generous, sometimes people will take advantage. You may be respectful and yet some people will still be unkind. You may be a good person, and some people will nonetheless still treat you terribly. We don’t always get what we give, but that’s fine, because you aren’t giving it for them anyway, at least not exclusively. It’s really all a statement by, about and for you. How you treat others is really about who you choose to be in this life. The repayment for your good acts are the good acts themselves. When you act honorably, even if others don’t, your honorable actions are your irretractable reward to yourself. Who you chose to be — decision by decision and act by act — is the great reward you receive by doing good. What is well done is well received. The mark you leave in another’s heart is always left in yours; for better or worse. Just because people are not nice to you doesn’t mean you have to be unkind back. That’s how the world changes — one brave person like you being kind.

— Bryant McGillm.

You don’t need the acceptance of others. You don’t need knowledge or great philosophical concepts. You have the right to be you, and you express your own divinity by being alive and by loving yourself and others. — don Miguel Ruiz

Find your voice. Your voice is the calling card that can never be lost. You have something to say that will open doors, inspire change, heal lives, create momentum, and attract abundance. Infuse your voice with energy, love and hope. Refuse to be silent about what really matters to you. Speak life and create possibility. Sing your unique tune and tell your own story. Know that your voice…your words…your life…matters!! You have GREATNESS within you! — Les Brown

There is no point in trying to figure “things” out, and there is no point in trying to understand. Life is very dynamic and ever-changing. People are always grasping for permanence and security. In the vast ocean of life’s great flow, upon the enormous waves of change, people who are very frightened are constantly searching the horizon looking for solid ground. That solid ground does not exist. I’m always amazed when people tell me they believe that after a certain age, who you are is set, and is unlikely you will change! Nothing could be further from the truth, because change is all that exists in life. The only certainty is uncertainty. When a person has bought into the myth that they can control their lives: that by being good enough, and hard-working enough, or by being clever enough, or by perfectly following the rules, that they can control things, this is when they are set up for great disappointment. Life is dangerous, dynamic and ugly, and it is also safe and steady and beautiful. All things in life are represented through opposition and dichotomy. But when we try to over-solve our problems, or have total understanding, at those moments, we are engaging in a dangerous form of arrogance; the arrogance of believing we can control.

— Bryant McGill


Love is everything

Its everywhere you go

The way you live

TRUE happiness comes when you have love !

Hope everything is LOVE!

Pure love has no conditions or boundaries. Love does not restrain itself or hold back. Love gives all the time and doesn’t ask for anything in return. Love is a continuous flow without any limits. And all of this is inside you.
― Rhonda Byrne

disabled children

when I was ms. wheelchair 2010, my  goal was to help teach families of children with disabilities, that him or her can do more than you think don’t limited them.   Schools and dr’s may tell you their kind of disability but  you should  see how your child learns and behaves before knowing that the child needs special education, see the child before the disability.  This article looks at some things that may help in that;

5 ways to improve the lives of children with a disability
by Chris Lenart | Dec 29, 2015 | Improving kids’ lives | 0 comments
Children with a disability have to be in a supported and have the same opportunities that the other kids have. For this discussion, I am going to focus on the child with a disability who is high functioning in terms of education. What I am going to say does not apply to all kids with disabilities. I am going to give you five points to think about today.
1. Allow the kids with disabilities to learn by making mistakes.
What I mean by this is that sometimes parents try to protect their child with a disability so that they don’t allow the child to fail at something. I feel that the parents want to protect them altogether because they are a person with a disability. My point is this – what will happen to the person with a disability if their parents are not around? Will they know what to do when they have to make a critical decision. When I moved into my condo almost six years ago, my dad and I had fights about how I was handling my money. Yes, I didn’t manage my money wisely, but I needed to learn the hard way. Everyone has to go through the hard times and learn from their mistakes.
2. The kids had not been taught something the right way so they don’t have learn the right way when they are on their own.
What I mean by this is that I have heard from people who have a disability that they didn’t learn math or reading properly in school. I think that this is a huge disgrace because it was not their fault from not learning at school. Basic math and reading are essential thing that you need every day. Sometimes I feel sorry for the person, but after the person says that they were cheated on their own education over and over, it gets tiring. We are living the best era of humanity because we have the internet to learn from.
3. The person with a disability can be more independent with proper technologies.
I see people with disabilities in a manual wheelchair and having a person pushes them around. If that person was me, I would go nuts. Where is the independence with having a person pushing you all around. Beside that, I know people who have a disability, can not work a computer by themselves. This blows my mind because they want to be independent. As kids who have a disability grow up, technology will get better. So why not help them learn to use technology for their benefit now. Google is working on a car that drives by itself. Technology is unlimited so we have so much to look forward in the next ten years.
4. Kids who have a disability have to have all of the opportunities that the other kids have.
In the school system and community, there are so many activities that kids have. But they don’t allow kids who have a disability to join. So there are activities that are set up for kids who have a disability. This is good to a point, but the kids with disabilities need to be with kids around their neighborhood. Integrating all kids together is the most important thing to do. The kids are most likely in the same school. If they are out of the school environment, they can socialize more. The friendship will grow at school and in the neighborhood.
5. To be a family, everyone has chores including the child who has a disability.
This might sound harsh to a point, but let me explain. Say the family has three kids and two have a weekly chore to do. Will the kid who has a disability learn responsibility? Maybe. Now if the child who has a disability has a chore, they will learn responsibility. Let’s say the child does not have the ability of doing a chore by themselves. Maybe allow the kid to work with their sister or brother. This way they learn responsibility that I feel many people who have disabilities are lacking these days. I hope that I have given you some food for thought. I don’t want to sound too harsh but after living on my own and seeing how other people with disabilities act, I have gotten to a point where I don’t like what I see.

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action. — Mother Teresa

think about this;what would you do if you couldn’t walk or if you find out that your child would not be able to walk?  I am sure that thought is not one you want to think about.   But just image what it would be like to have everything you were able to do on your own; now you need help with everything even eating, for me it’s my life but I can image for anybody who had the freedom to do anything   but now it’s different.  You began to understand what a wheelchair can mean to someone who only knows that life.  A wheelchair is more than a thing; it becomes a part of you,  especially nowadays with how much a wheelchair can help us do, you may see that a wheelchair can make a big differences in someone’s life.

Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times, and good times. If you are going through hard times have faith that good times are on the way. — Unknown Author


ever had one of those weeks where everything goes wrong?  That was my week about two weeks, it seemed like everything, that makes my little easier was not working it was hard,  I couldn’t anything!   I was getting annoyed with my  disability and realizing that I may not get a new intellikeys  keyboard which is how I can do everything that I love working, writing/helping others it was all coming down.  I still don’t have a new keyboard,  but I need to keep busy I need to feel like I can do stuff .  When you have a disability that there are only a few things that you can do without  help, it’s important to find a way to be as independent. Especially  if you need help with everything else.  I don’t like when I  cant do anything.  I try to see the good in each day but the last two weeks I couldn’t.  I was feeling down and it wasn’t like me to want to give up  trying to work or  see if something good could happen that is not me!   I am back.    I’m still trying to get a new keyboard and  honestly it doesn’t look like it will be  an easy fix  but I won’t give up.*

The people who walk away are not meant to be a part of your future. Let them go. Your life is with those who stay, and they deserve all of you. — Bryant McGill

-my keyboard is not working

I’ve not   been able to write because I use a special keyboard to write and its not working right.   I’ll  try to write again tomorrow

​”Be careful not to attach your sense of worth to your performance. When you’re dissatisfied with something you have said or done, talk with Me about it. Ask Me to help you sort out what is truly sinful and what is not. Confess any sins you’re aware of, and receive My forgiveness gratefully. Then live in the freedom of being My beloved believer. Don’t let your mistakes and sins diminish your sense of worth. Remember that you have been declared ‘Not Guilty’ forever! There is no condemnation for those who are in Me—who belong to Me. You are precious to Me, and I take delight in you, so refuse to condemn yourself.” —Jesus Always by Sarah Young
“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” —Romans 8:1 ESV 
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​You are the forward edge of life’s advancement; in this moment in time you are the finest expression of life’s brilliance. All of history has pointed its refining focus to your life this moment. You are the culmination of all that ever was. You are the highest point of the vast pyramid of history and of your own life. Eons of suffering, brutality and struggle have paved the way through the corridors of time to create this moment, where you exist as an exalted expression of life. Life is ever reaching for strength, vitality, survival and the fulfillment of perpetuating its inherent message of continuance. You are that reach! Nature has placed you on the throne of royalty as the heir of all life that preceded you. Did you not inherit the Earth and all of life? You are the grand estate and administrator of — now. Do not squander your endowment. Dare not surrender to weakness you divine creation! Stand-up! You are the apex, the zenith, and the capstone. Your power and brilliance is the most awesome force life could muster. Do not forget or take for granted the splendor of your majesty. Your mind, your motion and your expression is an animation to marvel and to praise. All of life and history is holding you on its shoulders so you can stretch one atom further. Seize this moment and feel the glory of life’s gift coursing in your deepest sinews. Relish in this moment. Be astounded. You are nothing less than a miracle!
— Bryant McGill
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