Losing a loved one can be hard, but add it to the time of year, where everyone is joyful and giving is in our hearts. But I feel like when you are going through loss, you cannot think of anything else. I imagine you would just want to be alone to grief and maybe it’s what helps, maybe just cry!! I have been through grief, but not during this time of year. How would you feel?

Crazy Times

Hey everyone. I’m sorry I haven’t been writing a lot this year. I think I have lost my inspiration or maybe because this year has been so hard for all of us because of the virus. I just have not had that much inspiration. But this year has been amazing at the same time as being very hard. As you know, I have a disability that I can’t do anything physical, but I can say now that I have climbed the tallest mountain in Colorado, and now I moved into my own house, I’m trying to make it on my own without my family here to help everyday. I am grateful that I have a great family who built the place for me, but I also know that it’s time for me to be my own person. This year has also been hard because we can’t see people we love or go anywhere. It’s kind of weird. I can’t remember a year that I haven’t gone out of Colorado.