Today I’m going to write about self-confidence,  self-esteem;  I  know it can be a hard one to think you are enough.   Its hard to think about the good and special things that only you are!  You.   There is only you; the people in your need you!   But ourselves thinks as if we are not good enough;  here an example,  each day I get to write I think I won’t be able to spell right,  even though I have people tell me I write well and I so love to help others it is my way to help others also sometimes I have to spell out a word so I can be understood.   So you would think I could be great at.  Actually not good at all but friends and others say I am good and writing in my thing,  but in my head I’m thinking I’m not!   So why still do it?   Because every sense I could remember I have wanted to help others and my CP to be understood I thought that I couldn’t do it because of writing and blogging I can help others but I have to write and write well I am sure I have mistakes, but I am seeing now myself confidence might need worked on a little and also while getting better but knowing that I don’t have to be a perfect writer to do something I love.   As I grow in my business I will get better.  But we are harder on ourselves more than anyone because we want to be loved but we need to be able to love ourselves before anyone else.   Starting with self-confidence!

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