I am a happy person mostly if you just read my blogs or have seen my facebook you would think I am so busy I have so many friends and people who want to do things with me;  I do have amazing friendships and family which I wouldn’t give up for anything I know how lucky I am!  But sometimes I do get down in a place where I don’t want to let others know I feeling a depressed and I know it’s ok to get down have sad days.  Here is a look in to my days and why I have been feeling a little lonely; it’s hard for me to get out when I want to, and I understand that my friends have busy lifes and it takes more for me to get out; I need to have an caregiver to take me, if my friend can’t come get me.  So I look at my aids as my friends and it’s ok, if I had all day care which I don’t, I don’t need to have any day health care but I sometimes want to just hang out for the day with them, but I know I can’t they are here to help me within the hours I have.   There are days when I am good being on my own and not going out ; I know I’m not going to my friends everyday but sometimes I want to have a friend call me and say lets get together but it doesn’t happen.  It doesn’t normally get to me but lately it has been.   I am grateful for everything I have and my friendships, but I do get lonely because I wish I could go out see friends who I don’t see very much I want to do more.

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