Have you ever thought about how much people can make your word maybe you don’t think that people can; maybe for you its your job or something else.  But nobody could make it alone, having things that take place of relationships is not the way to live.  I’m not saying you have to a boy/girlfriend to be happy but any relationship that you have special bond with is what would help, during the sad, happy times just a person who you know is always right there to talk,  family of a friend .  But I feel like that nowadays  happiness is boyfriend  or girlfriend to find happiness,  no it’s not true yes it helps but if you are not happy with who you are.  Relationships won’t make you,  they can help but you have to be ok with yourself first before anything else!   Maybe you have children and to you they came first, but if you are not happy with yourself it won’t help them!   Or if you are like me where you sometimes get so helping others,  you forgot about yourself;  its me all the time!   But I also need to do things for me so I keep doing what makes me happy.   Yes I have some people who help me but I know I am ok with whom I am mostly and I am working on the things I don’t;  because this is all I want to do with my life is help otters but first thing is knowing that some days I need to come first,  or telling someone who I’m close with to help me thought whatever I am feeling.

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