So what

Its starting to get cold out, what do you like do when weather changes?  The days it’s too cold to get out of the house,  your comfort zone;  it’s not just the weather that go through changes,  we do too.   We try to keep it hidden, because of everything from others would say to pick on us, even though it is not our doing,  difference or illness is not something we can control but people don’t understand differences even if we are all different.  They don’t understand your life may be your life can be because of an bad experience that has been hard to deal with, or maybe you may have an illness, or a disability, that others don’t get because it’s new to them.   Growing up with CP and now trying to live as normal as I can but I still get the look like I’m not to do something just because I use a wheelchair.   What is the big deal I don’t walk, I used to let others thoughts get to me,  but now I know where I taking my life and what the people who are in my world think about me and is what helps me when others are trying to put me down.   Maybe it would help you.

Live a life of love within yourself; is a community group to support each other.  In a time, day or if it’s always we have times when we go through something that we just as need to know someone is there!   I am not a dog who knows everything about mental health, but I know what is it like to have a difference that everyone see before they give you time to get to know you.   I know how much it can hurt when you know if people would see you without your difference, they would see you differently!  This has been my God to help others; since I have a hard time talking I have decided to be mentor though writing.  This I hope for it to become my business, so I am going to say $20 for a year of mentoring with me.

show them

This morning I was at an event for the disability community, thinking that I could do some networking and meet new people; it didn’t end up that way, it felt as if people are afraid of differences even though we all have a difference. I think I can make friends easily, but I don’t.   Once people know what disability I have then they start to talk to me; because I move all the time and my speech is not that good,  its hard to meet people. Having a difference in which people can see even before they talk to you can put you down, but you have to show them you’re more than your difference!


Depression can be lonely. Its hard to know how much to help; or not to say the wrong thing. These thoughts we all, even me and I want to help people who depression not because I know about it;  but I could help being their happiness back or just even just be there when its really needed.   I feel like depression is an illnesses that people ran from, just they don’t understand , don’t think they know what to say.  Here is the way I say it,  its not about knowing what to say but first just be there nothing else could help them more than knowing that someone is always there!   Just knowing that they are loved and someone is there ready to talk or be a friend whom no one else will.


My week away was amazing and needed too.   I am tired but I loved every moment of it,  as you know having a difference that others can see and then think that you are not capable when you know are, can be hard.   But there at camp it was what can you do.  I had to think of goals each day that I thought I have do; I wanted to walk everybody which I did!  I even did some walking on the ropes course which was hard but fun then I zipped down the best part!  We rafting I loved so much,  I loved everything getting to meet new friends and feeling like I was not disabled and nominal,  I worked hard but had a great week.

Seasons, people can change and move on with life, not even realizing that they may forget about your friendship which normal but still hard if you are the one that feels the same.   Happens more than I want to say!   But I am going to write about the friendships that don’t change even if they mostly cities which really that hardly happens or it doesn’t last!   But I have been so lucky that I can say I have friends like that, and one who I know we are so far ahead and we both have different lifes and we don’t see each other that much but she is still close to me when I know she could have moved on but we are in each other lifes every day,  its means so much when you know they could have not kept your friendship but they do.   Just thinking about that.  As I know people don’t have that;  time can get away from us and it’s hard old friends when you can’t tell them you are going over but all you can do I keep close by messages and phone calls,  if they are that important to you it works!

If you have ever loved someone that you don’t know how to tell them how much it means to they are in your life!   Its like there are not enough ways to say how much they mean to you.   Even if you tell them each day; may be you just have to her there no-matter how or what, just be the person they can go to anytime!   It’s hard but maybe that’s the best thing they have;  is knowing someone is always there.   People don’t get that a lot,  its as if we have to be alone if we have any kind of difference.

Growing in faith

I have always had a strong faith and I have gave my life to helping others and God.  In saying that I know my faith can be better, lately I’ve been reading more faith books and really enjoying them!  Ever get this feeling where you want to do or know more about one topic or maybe even you know it could here grow.   Learning only can make us better, may be even help you when you are feeling like what you want to do is not coming to you.   Even just to give you a new outlook, for me lately I have been feeling kind of like I need to add something in my life.   But I don’t always get out so I am starting to see that my faith could use some work, reading devotionals every day, reading the Bible more while keeping in mind I want to be a mentor,   it seems right in this time my life with having a lot of new things I am doing and also trying that I want to grow myself mostly so I can grow in my business.  So if you are in a place where you don’t think you can make it through, start a decoration it helps!

Part 2 mount Evans

Sorry I have not done a post this week; with the 4th and my birthday this week got kind of crazy and went by so fast!   I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  First off mountain experience was amazing;  I was able to see something I never thought I would get to do or experience; getting to be on the very top of a mountain .  Just amazing in more than one way,  I have always looked things that I want to do as a goal in which because of my CP challenging but I do it anyway,  like cp watch me.   Lol.  No but I don’t let it stop me,  my family and friends helps me if I get in that zone where I don’t think it can which sometimes happens!   Like getting to the top of a mountain because of a friend.     Who has started an organization to get people out; and really we were just taking about the idea of getting me up at a mountain thinking it would be a while before we could make it happen.  But he came back to me and said he was going to start this organization to get people out and he wanted me to help him/be apart of it.   So that it was a goal to get me to the mountain with a lot of help but it would happen!  Were started talking about what we would need to get us up to there,  soon what seemed like a lot of necessity things with taking someone in a wheelchair up a mountain,  he just ended up getting some friends together and said we are doing this now!  !  Not only did I get to do it but my friend took a other men up with us!   It was amazing getting to be on top of the world for a few minutes,   it seemed like the top of the world even though there are higher mountains to me I felt as if I could see everything!

pin Mount Evans

I have been in a wheelchair all my life, so something about knew I couldn’t do. Such as getting to the top of a mountain! There are many others that I didn’t think I could get to do, I have done a lot for myself that others didn’t think I could do; but this weekend I’m going to get to be on top of a mountain WHAT? You might be saying me too! Most things I have found a way around it so I can have a normal life. But getting to the mountain what? Really, my friend is a mountain climber and knows that I may not have had a opportunity for something like this, so we have started an organization to get people out who do not get to go on hikes because of their differences or just don’t think they can. This is a huge thing for me and others like me to I will write a blog on the experience next week.

Loving someone with all your heart

May be the greatest gift they have had.
Loving someone that much doesn’t happen that easy these days.
To focused on getting everything we went to have a great life

But really loving that way is what everyone really needs

Knowing someone is there, loves you no-matter what gets in the way

They will be there!
That is all you need to be happy!

Being in a wheelchair you would think it would be easy to be seen!   It’s not;  I was at the hospital visiting a friend and I realized that another friend of mine worked there,  so we went to see if she was in.   I was rolling down the hall way of the hospital with my father and friend staying to one side so others could pass through thinking that way I won’t ran into anyone.   So I thought, , now I don’t expect people to move out of my way, though my body does not always listen to what I want to do.  But I always try to make others can get by me.     So as we were walking I don’t  think anything about that the other people were gone to close to my wheelchair before moving over to the other side even though I was on the side; my friend saw and said people are just walking like you’re not there.   I get out of two reactions from  others who don’t know me,  first is very helpful;  second is ignoring me because of my disability. Why  is being in a wheelchair such a big thing it is the way I can get around!


Having goals, a dream can keeps us growing.    Even they will give us hope for something that could happen.   Something you know if you work toward it will give you happiness.  I have a big trip I am working hard towards it is one of many goals I have for myself including this mentoring business.   To help us keep growing and have the best lives we can.   Set a goal than working to get it, it is one good to live happily when you know you can do it!

Project Walk

I have been going to a place called Project walk for about 3 to work out, and I can tell a difference in body.   I need to work out, because just sitting the same way all day every day could bring more problems for me than I could hardly.   It could also decline what I am able to do on my own,  I could get even more tight then I get on my bad days.   Its important for me to keep somewhat lose but not to look at that I couldn’t hold myself up, my kind of CP is this; Abnormal muscle tone (muscles with too much or too little tone).   Many people with Athetoid cerebral palsy, like me, they can’t hold themselves up.  So in a way my tightens helps me to sit on my own so it can me; but it can get too tight where I can’t do anything so the work out helps.  All that to say I found out Project Walk is closing the program in Denver.     I’m sorry to see go,  but I hope something like it will take its place for those who need it!

Guardian angels

I have a guardian angel.   She doesn’t think about it like that but I know there is no other way to describe it! Someone who watches over without being around you.  Its like knowing that they are there but we know they aren’t; it’s hard when you can’t be with someone that means the world to you!  But we have to, we find other ways to keep them close even if it doesn’t make it any easier.   But maybe thinking of them as guardian angel, helps.  I know many of you may not believe in angels but it just a thought that may bring you joy on the hard days!


This month is Mental illness awareness, this topic is near to my heart.   This blog is to honor those who live with depression,  or any other mental illness!   I don’t know as I would like to know about this topic because I think having knowledge on mental health could help.   I understand that people don’t was the tell others if they deal with depression or anything within mental illness as if they could get it,  or maybe they don’t want to!   Its like with my CP my body is always moving and I don’t talk right,  so others who do not know they think I can’t do anything for myself and the people who know me would think differently.   And nowadays I don’t care about if you like the way I am;  I have a disability so.   I can do whatever you do just in my way!     But for those who have mental illness; knowing you are special,  needed and loved just the way you are,  we know your illness is not you!   We know how hard you try to not let the depression get you but there are times when others could more understanding that it is not you!   The things others don’t get;  when all you want is love not to be put out over something you do,  not even knowing you do it.   If I someone in my life who had mental illness I would do everything else could to left them up.  Just because I know what its like to be on the sidelines ,  but people don’t want to help others if they have a difference!   Keep kicking butt; because you are special!


“There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs.” — Angel Flonis Harefa’’   I believe this quote it true, each person we meat there is a reason maybe we need them or they need us!  We may not ever know the reason but everyone we do there’s a reason.   A friendship or any relationship is a gift that could make our lives better.


What could we do to help people who have mental illness?   As I think about what I want my business to be about also thinking when I helped someone without even realizing what I had did, just being myself fun, crazy and happy did just that help?  I don’t know.   But topic is what I have been thinking about how would I be the help to comfort them through just writing on whatever they are going through;  I can’t but I really want help,  even others differences its just something that is calls to do this with my life;  since I was a kid I always wanted to make a difference in other lifes!  Its harder than what I thought but with learning and time I will do this!

Life can be hard, sad and everybody has things they wish they could change in a way other.   We are all different so what it is the way we were made!   May be we could change parts but really there is a reason why we are the way we are, a reason for everything,  even if we don’t see it.   It might be hard to get through but you will.

Mother’s day!

Mother’s Day is Sunday,  what can I say about mothers but they are amazing and we would be here without moms!  I have the best mom ever who had to raise me on her own,  moving to a different country to make sure I could have a full life,  also so I could be safe and independent .  We couldn’t bring my brothers because they are much older, so it was hard for us our new life.  I would say my relationship with my mom is more like a friendship then my mother and I love it.   We are close; I’m so lucky,  I am not a daddy’s girl but a moms girl.  I have two other very special friendships who I think of them as my other mothers and I feel so lucky to have that kind of relationship with two of my dearest friends!


My day was just made by my friend/sister now before I got her text I trying to think about what to write about.     Then I got a text from her; asking if she could use my picture to help her teacher children about different/disabilities.   Its not a big deal her asking me I want to bring more awareness to difference and she is like a sister to me.  I was her baby-sitter when she was 2, I went over to their house every day after school.   And her family moved after a year of being a’ ’mother’s helper’’ I thought she wouldn’t remember that time but kids do.  Like it was yesterday!   I just think about that family means so much to me,  first it was the first opportunity a job for me and I really don’t have to explain why I was in a chair or about my CP  her mom just saw me and wanted me to be able to watch them, Adira and Addison.  My close friend now;  don’t make a big deal about my disability which I think helped the kids just see me without my disability, now that I have been able to know Adira a little more I love that even if I hardly see them; we are still family.   I think it would be great for more young children to get an opportunity to around people with disabilities so they know that just because someone is in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they are that different from able-body people.   I am proud of my little sister!


Have you ever thought about how much people can make your word maybe you don’t think that people can; maybe for you its your job or something else.  But nobody could make it alone, having things that take place of relationships is not the way to live.  I’m not saying you have to a boy/girlfriend to be happy but any relationship that you have special bond with is what would help, during the sad, happy times just a person who you know is always right there to talk,  family of a friend .  But I feel like that nowadays  happiness is boyfriend  or girlfriend to find happiness,  no it’s not true yes it helps but if you are not happy with who you are.  Relationships won’t make you,  they can help but you have to be ok with yourself first before anything else!   Maybe you have children and to you they came first, but if you are not happy with yourself it won’t help them!   Or if you are like me where you sometimes get so helping others,  you forgot about yourself;  its me all the time!   But I also need to do things for me so I keep doing what makes me happy.   Yes I have some people who help me but I know I am ok with whom I am mostly and I am working on the things I don’t;  because this is all I want to do with my life is help otters but first thing is knowing that some days I need to come first,  or telling someone who I’m close with to help me thought whatever I am feeling.


Today I’m going to write about self-confidence,  self-esteem;  I  know it can be a hard one to think you are enough.   Its hard to think about the good and special things that only you are!  You.   There is only you; the people in your need you!   But ourselves thinks as if we are not good enough;  here an example,  each day I get to write I think I won’t be able to spell right,  even though I have people tell me I write well and I so love to help others it is my way to help others also sometimes I have to spell out a word so I can be understood.   So you would think I could be great at.  Actually not good at all but friends and others say I am good and writing in my thing,  but in my head I’m thinking I’m not!   So why still do it?   Because every sense I could remember I have wanted to help others and my CP to be understood I thought that I couldn’t do it because of writing and blogging I can help others but I have to write and write well I am sure I have mistakes, but I am seeing now myself confidence might need worked on a little and also while getting better but knowing that I don’t have to be a perfect writer to do something I love.   As I grow in my business I will get better.  But we are harder on ourselves more than anyone because we want to be loved but we need to be able to love ourselves before anyone else.   Starting with self-confidence!

Your smile

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. Thich Nhat Hanh” Someone, somewhere needs to hear this!   Our lives are full but of the things that bring us down and we start to think if we can make a difference or even worst loved.  May be you are going through something that you are not ready to talk about it, you are feeling alone like no one will understand your feelings.  That makes you want to hid behind the smile like everything is ok, but really just be the you everyone loves because really you are loved, and your smile is needed!  That is not said enough!


Do you have a kind of disability that somethings you can’t do?  I went for a great hike this morning with a friend; and I got to thinking about something I don’t really think about too much.   What if I could walk what if I was normal?   I would be a cowgirl a hiker all over the outdoors.   I don’t know just something about being outdoors nothing more to fancy but give me my own ranch oh yeah good I would love it.   If you know me I don’t think you see me as a country girl,  but each time I get to go out away from everything I just love the feeling!   But I have a great life in town with a disability.   I would not think that I could go on hikes and I can and I love it so much!

Mental illness

Today is mental illness awareness day, depression, suicide and many others disabilities in which nobody can see.  The hardest difference to talk about, there are many different thoughts on this topic; even if you deal with depression it may be different in your life than anyone else.  It is so different for everyone, for some talking about it helps them, others just hide it.   I don’t know very much about mental illness but it’s one topic I want to help.

What is the best thing you can give someone?   When it really matters;  if you know they are going through the hardest time and wandering if it could get better.  Giving them your time they could make all the difference.

I read this and loved it!   I know how just knowing you are loved can help in ways you can only Imagine.  “deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Lao Tzu”.    Knowing that you have somebody any time of day just makes everything easier.

True friendships

I love sunny days when you can I outside and just let your mind wonder.  I’ve thinking about people who were there when I needed them, the people that are not family but somehow that friendship becomes more than just friends.  May be you are not one who believes in that.  But I can tell you if you started your life in a different country you would understand it.   Its not because it don’t love my family but when your life is in the other side of the world;  you being to see that family can be friendships that mean the most.  Friends who see you the way you are and that’s what truly matters.


I am a happy person mostly if you just read my blogs or have seen my facebook you would think I am so busy I have so many friends and people who want to do things with me;  I do have amazing friendships and family which I wouldn’t give up for anything I know how lucky I am!  But sometimes I do get down in a place where I don’t want to let others know I feeling a depressed and I know it’s ok to get down have sad days.  Here is a look in to my days and why I have been feeling a little lonely; it’s hard for me to get out when I want to, and I understand that my friends have busy lifes and it takes more for me to get out; I need to have an caregiver to take me, if my friend can’t come get me.  So I look at my aids as my friends and it’s ok, if I had all day care which I don’t, I don’t need to have any day health care but I sometimes want to just hang out for the day with them, but I know I can’t they are here to help me within the hours I have.   There are days when I am good being on my own and not going out ; I know I’m not going to my friends everyday but sometimes I want to have a friend call me and say lets get together but it doesn’t happen.  It doesn’t normally get to me but lately it has been.   I am grateful for everything I have and my friendships, but I do get lonely because I wish I could go out see friends who I don’t see very much I want to do more.

Good to know.

As you know;  I am working on becoming a online mentor,  I want to help in different topics including disabilities,  depressed and bipolar depression.   I am disabled , people can see my difference and I can explain why I am the way I am but it still hard for people to us my CP.  But the two other differences I want to help in or just be a support in depression and bipolar; you don’t see if someone is dealing with it. I can understand that whoever has either of bipolar or depression;  first it is the easy to tell someone second you feel different and from my experience people don’t see differences even though we all are different!   But if you have a differences you can face loneliness and much more hard things than your difference,  I get it all the time I may not be a doctor,  but I understand what it’s like to a name called just because of something I can’t help.    But back to bipolar;  this is what it is ‘’ What Are the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

In bipolar disorder, the dramatic episodes of high and low moods do not follow a set pattern. Someone may feel the same mood state (depressed or manic) several times before switching to the opposite mood. These episodes can happen over a period of weeks, months, and sometimes even years.How severe it gets differs from person to person and can also change over time, becoming more or less severe. Symptoms of mania (“the highs”):

  • Excessive happiness, hopefulness, and excitement
  • Sudden changes from being joyful to being irritable, angry, and hostile
  • Restlessness
  • Rapid speech and poor concentration
  • Increased energy and less need for sleep
  • Unusually high sex drive
  • Making grand and unrealistic plans
  • Showing poor judgment
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Becoming more impulsive

During depressive periods (“the lows”), a person with bipolar disorder may have:

Here is an over view of bipolar depression, I know I couldn’t fix this or depression, but if we start learning about it, I might be able to help someone with either depression and or bipolar diseases.

Why mentoring?

Nowadays it seems like we don’t know how to encourage people or be a friend and not expecting anything in return.  I like to be a little like that, I can see passed people who are hurting but they don’t think they are good enough.  But why?   Why do we think that being different in not ok, when we all are different if you ask me; I love it.   Knowing that someone might read my words and get one minute of place it is why I want to do mentoring.

It’s spring time an great season to grow within yourself.   I know this can be hard,  you have to want the rest comes with time and hard work.  I know I know that I want to learn and grow in some things in my life, such as writing, in my business and so much more than I think would help me become better at helping others.   What do you want to grow in?

This year I am working on having a job making my own career so that I can know what is it like to have money for me and have something that I can do!

I have Cerebral palsy the crazy kind I like to tell people!  I’m always moving and not because I want to, its uncontrollable yeah I make fun of myself half the time!   I am hard to understand, I like to think I don’t give up easily,  its can get hard but I have to keep going because I know I have the best support team batting with me!   I live on my own but I have a roommate and caregivers that came and go through the day.   Like anyone my age I am in the place in my life, I’m still trying to fugue out what I want to do with my life but I know CP  is not keeping me down!   Cp day is March 25th.

Have you ever imagined your life different?  If you are in a wheelchair; you will understand this more.   I am in a wheelchair and need help getting out of the chair; I am on my own half of the day.   Nominally its ok; I can get my work done or just have some time to myself but what happens if I need to go,,,, or if I need to get out of my chair; I cannot!   I could probably find a way but I can’t go P on my own, that is the only thing about being home alone that sucks!   I was talking to a friend about how I could not imagine how if I could walk and just go wherever I wanted to, I could not see myself as an able-body!  I guess because my CP has always been a part of me, it would be weird to think about me walking!   Its just me, not saying that I am just cp but it is the only thing I know.   Having people help me though my day though life!

‘’Acceptance is the road to all change. If resisting has failed and frustrated you, try to accept what is. As hard as it is to believe, acceptance can open different opportunities for change than resistance. Struggling can sometimes swallow us even deeper into the quicksand of our problems. Difficult problems take time to resolve. The more frantically you pick at knots, the more entangled they can become. To untangle yourself try relaxing. Gently and patiently work with your difficulties and in time you will be freed from what now seems impossible. You are being called to heal yourself, not to agonize over your mistakes. Quit overthinking; this is what surrendering really means. Don’t focus on your problems and don’t obsess about “fixing” things. Avoid forcing “positive thinking.” These thoughts can be psychological irritants. Just leave yourself alone! When you pick at things, they never heal. Simply relax and give yourself some time.— Bryant McGill’’ Change is necessary but it can also be hard.   How do you cope with changes in your life?  Or what helps you?  We sometimes think that asking for help, someone to be with you; many make others think you weak but really we all need help sometimes!   Love is the most important thing we can give someone!

Life does not always make sense,  we’re happy going through life without a worry than the next thing you know;  you feel alone or more different than ever.   And finding a way through the darkness can be the hardest thing.   I am happy person most of the time I do have my times.   But I can understand that there are so many things that could put you down.  I know that nowadays we are so worried about what others think of us to where it can really affect us, but guess what you should love yourself most of all!  Its not easy but you should come first before anyone!   You’re amazing loved special!

Life gets busy the days can seem so short when you are busy.   I’m getting ready to host Ms.  Wheelchair Colorado this Saturday though I love it it’s a lot of work.   Let’s just says it’s hard work but it’s rewarding.  From being a constant 7years ago; and I still think how could I be Ms.  Wheelchair Colorado 2010, thinking back on that your it was probably the best year in the way it helped me to understand that my wheelchair is just a way for me to get around!   I already knew that,  from my family and friends but that year helped!   Seeing others with the same challenges as you, and just learning from them made me want to do more and not just be taken care of.   I could make differences I would have to work for it but after being around women in wheelchairs was what I needed!   The Ms. Wheelchair organization is not about how you look but what you do!   I love that so much a pageant like that doesn’t exist; not only that but having people like you is very helpful.   This is why each year I want to give more women the same opportunity.

Cp month

March is cp awareness month, my idea is instead of an awareness month that promotes treatment and cures why don’t we have a cp pride month that encourages people who have to be proud of cp to be proud of who they are and cerebrates are uniqueness.

Sadness how do you get through it?   We all go through depression or if you don’t want to call it that because there is so much negative ideas about around depression that if you have it;  you don’t want to say it.   When you know if people knew maybe if they knew it wouldn’t be so hard but nobody understands that depression is an sickness.   But they don’t know how to help;  when really you could use love and understanding.

I am someone who knows what it feels like to be the odd one the different kind of person; or the person who’s their disability makes others see you one way but to my disability is not that bad. I am more than what others see at first; I love more than anything else making a difference in someone else’s life but if you talk to me you may not be able to understand me.   I have always looked at the things I couldn’t do and found a way to do them.  Never say I can’t!  I have done a lot which people thought I couldn’t do and I still keep going like I don’t care about what others think!   I have had a lot of people who have been there for me and also people who wouldn’t mind seeing me not do anything.   But they helped me to want to show them otherwise!   I have worked with children who are disabled,  I have been a baby-sitter.  I have always am ready to do things for others.  I wanted to be a psychologist to be there and help others;  because knowing that there are people hunting or wanting to end their lives because they fell alone and depressed, it’s just make think how much I can do.   I might not make a huge difference but maybe I can help one person.  It’s not about what I get out of it but being a difference for someone else!   There is so much sadness and hurt that war fighting every day is all we hear; not support or love.   Love and support is what L is 4 Love: Z’s Mentoring Services will be about, disabilities, depression and others differences because that is where my heart is.

People and time can change.    But true friendship, family love does not no matter what you do!  Money, things are important but only if you have love and know who you are!   Do you love yourself? Or did other people make you not?  People think differently is weird looking it’s not right, but guess what everyone is different and I think it’s amazing!   Just as a sown fake they are all so different even if we can’t tell.  Why are we so worried about standing out when we know it’s better!   I still a times where I don’t like my CP;  because I get the weird looks as if I was a child, and I have to work harder to show people that it is just a physical disability!   But I do anything like you!  This is why I love to write and help others who are different and don’t think they are worth it.  Being different is awesome!


Somethings you can’t get through without love!

May be your life is going on a hard road

Maybe you’re in a dark place where you don’t want to feel loved or worth it,

Someone who loves the way you are.

You think about all you are going through

Maybe no one wants to go through it with.   You are wrong!   You are so worth more than you think!
Times when you don’t think that love is there,  it is!
you are so worth so much more!   There is only one you!

Loving each other is the greatest gift!   I could not tell you anything else but not everyone feels that way these days.   These days you hear about war, fighting, and people who are alone; there are so many things that if you are hurting you don’t want to give love.   There is so much hurt in our days now that it’s all we hear; not about what gong good.   To me it’s not right,  I know I have my days where I get upset towards things I know that are going to help if I get mad at it, like it would make a difference if I get mad.  Than realizing that didn’t help also it’s not what I am, but wanting to be heard it just happens!  Thinking about the feelings when I get like that just because I have something to say and I feel like I can’t,  I know we all have things that hurt us may be more than we realize;  maybe we have pushed the hurt down to where we have forgotten that it is still effecting you.  I don’t know if that’s why we do love like we could why we feel that hurting others will help.   I want to make a difference in others lives but I still get upset at things I shouldn’t!

Having a physical disability but just physical can be hard there is so many thoughts that people who see somebody like me.   I am not saying that any kind of disability is not hard but for me in what I have done and what I see most of the time it’s not easy.  My CP is just physical but others who don’t know me think it’s more,  and that so gets to me every time,  even though I know it’s coming!     Do you feel like that?   I think even if you don’t have a disability you can get that.  So how do you not let it got to you?   Love you are first,  knowing that there are people who need you, who love you for you! Tried to not let them put you down isn’t easy without knowing you have a family and friends who don’t judge you.

How do we find hope or find the way out of the darkness?  Do you feel as if you can’t get to a happy place?  Let out how you are feeling maybe to family or someone close, even just write about the feelings you have maybe just that will help.   Looking in yourself may do more than what you think it could.   Writing everything down could help you to not let what others tell you to bring you down.  Knowing that you can get everything out and no one will see until you can ready.

Do you believe in angels?   Do you see it in in others?   Maybe it’s crazy be I think that they are around us in the times we really need something to go good.   Look around you will see them!

February is my favorite mouth because it’s all about love which is my word.  The best feeling, the most important thing that we can give and get!  And maybe even hard to give sometimes but so wroth it!   It’s the one reason I do this; helping others.  I have had a few hard things had this week and I kind of took it all harder than I normally would have, it just means for a little while I have to do things differently.  At first I was not happy or acting like I would; I wanted it fixed right then, just as if I couldn’t life without that one thing but now as I look at the way I acted I feel so selfish!   I have otter ways in which I can talk to others, I didn’t need to act that way;  mostly it was because I didn’t think it send love though text to people who I always am there for.   I wasn’t thinking about the other things that can help me do that!  Yes it makes my life easier but really I can do without for a few days there are more important things I cannot live without like giving love to others.

The sunlight can be amazing, it brings us joy.  In more ways than we know.   That person who is always there, your family, your pets making you laughs when you see them pay.   Maybe you can’t see it right now there is too much hurt; don’t give in let someone in.  Maybe they can help or just help you find a way to dance again!

Childhood with a difference can be hard on everyone. Not because it’s the child but because there is so much people think they need more than a normal child.   I am saying that some child who are disabled nothing more but every disability is so different in more ways than people think; trying to group all disabled children into the same class doesn’t seem right to me.  I think there could be a other way to see it a child can or needs more help.  Some people who have disabilities could do more than people think. It may be a little different but they can, just learn them and go from there!