time don’t forget

Once in a while you meet someone else changes your life or maybe you realize that.   I had this happened yesterday I was telling my friends about someone who meant a lot to me just taking about how I am doing whatever I can to save up so I can go there.   Now you’re going to think it’s not a big thing but the more I think about this friendship and the season in my life;  high school,  disabled teenager who was trying to get others to understand I could do anything I worked towards,  but I was lonely.  I had a best friend in my mom but school was terrible because I could not get the education mom and I knew I could do or true friendships.   One day going for a walk and meeting someone who needed my help it was a real beautiful thing in that season and then getting reconnected with this person and knowing how much things had not changed with us even after years.   You may not think about the friendship as life changing in the moment but when remembering it later maybe it did mean more to you just knowing someone took the time.

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