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when I was ms. wheelchair 2010, my  goal was to help teach families of children with disabilities, that him or her can do more than you think don’t limited them.   Schools and dr’s may tell you their kind of disability but  you should  see how your child learns and behaves before knowing that the child needs special education, see the child before the disability.  This article looks at some things that may help in that;

5 ways to improve the lives of children with a disability
by Chris Lenart | Dec 29, 2015 | Improving kids’ lives | 0 comments
Children with a disability have to be in a supported and have the same opportunities that the other kids have. For this discussion, I am going to focus on the child with a disability who is high functioning in terms of education. What I am going to say does not apply to all kids with disabilities. I am going to give you five points to think about today.
1. Allow the kids with disabilities to learn by making mistakes.
What I mean by this is that sometimes parents try to protect their child with a disability so that they don’t allow the child to fail at something. I feel that the parents want to protect them altogether because they are a person with a disability. My point is this – what will happen to the person with a disability if their parents are not around? Will they know what to do when they have to make a critical decision. When I moved into my condo almost six years ago, my dad and I had fights about how I was handling my money. Yes, I didn’t manage my money wisely, but I needed to learn the hard way. Everyone has to go through the hard times and learn from their mistakes.
2. The kids had not been taught something the right way so they don’t have learn the right way when they are on their own.
What I mean by this is that I have heard from people who have a disability that they didn’t learn math or reading properly in school. I think that this is a huge disgrace because it was not their fault from not learning at school. Basic math and reading are essential thing that you need every day. Sometimes I feel sorry for the person, but after the person says that they were cheated on their own education over and over, it gets tiring. We are living the best era of humanity because we have the internet to learn from.
3. The person with a disability can be more independent with proper technologies.
I see people with disabilities in a manual wheelchair and having a person pushes them around. If that person was me, I would go nuts. Where is the independence with having a person pushing you all around. Beside that, I know people who have a disability, can not work a computer by themselves. This blows my mind because they want to be independent. As kids who have a disability grow up, technology will get better. So why not help them learn to use technology for their benefit now. Google is working on a car that drives by itself. Technology is unlimited so we have so much to look forward in the next ten years.
4. Kids who have a disability have to have all of the opportunities that the other kids have.
In the school system and community, there are so many activities that kids have. But they don’t allow kids who have a disability to join. So there are activities that are set up for kids who have a disability. This is good to a point, but the kids with disabilities need to be with kids around their neighborhood. Integrating all kids together is the most important thing to do. The kids are most likely in the same school. If they are out of the school environment, they can socialize more. The friendship will grow at school and in the neighborhood.
5. To be a family, everyone has chores including the child who has a disability.
This might sound harsh to a point, but let me explain. Say the family has three kids and two have a weekly chore to do. Will the kid who has a disability learn responsibility? Maybe. Now if the child who has a disability has a chore, they will learn responsibility. Let’s say the child does not have the ability of doing a chore by themselves. Maybe allow the kid to work with their sister or brother. This way they learn responsibility that I feel many people who have disabilities are lacking these days. I hope that I have given you some food for thought. I don’t want to sound too harsh but after living on my own and seeing how other people with disabilities act, I have gotten to a point where I don’t like what I see.

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