There is no point in trying to figure “things” out, and there is no point in trying to understand. Life is very dynamic and ever-changing. People are always grasping for permanence and security. In the vast ocean of life’s great flow, upon the enormous waves of change, people who are very frightened are constantly searching the horizon looking for solid ground. That solid ground does not exist. I’m always amazed when people tell me they believe that after a certain age, who you are is set, and is unlikely you will change! Nothing could be further from the truth, because change is all that exists in life. The only certainty is uncertainty. When a person has bought into the myth that they can control their lives: that by being good enough, and hard-working enough, or by being clever enough, or by perfectly following the rules, that they can control things, this is when they are set up for great disappointment. Life is dangerous, dynamic and ugly, and it is also safe and steady and beautiful. All things in life are represented through opposition and dichotomy. But when we try to over-solve our problems, or have total understanding, at those moments, we are engaging in a dangerous form of arrogance; the arrogance of believing we can control.

— Bryant McGill

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