Life really wants you to learn a few lessons, and it will not stop trying to teach you until you learn. What has life been trying to teach you? Life wants you to have gratitude for the gift of living. Treasure every second. Life wants you to know yourself, be yourself and love yourself. You are a beautiful and unique person — a gift to the world. Life wants you to be able to fully receive and give affection and love. Life wants you to know that people are more important than things. Things are only here to be worn-out in the service of our needs and of those we love. Always choose people over things. Life wants you to know that feelings are more important than facts, and you should never hurt someone just to be right. Life wants you to respect yourself, respect other people and respect the planet. Be kind, patient and forgiving. Life wants you to touch, taste and see the grandeur of the world’s unfathomable variety. Travel, explore, learn and experience all you can! Life wants you to take proper care of your bodily vehicle, which carries your consciousness everywhere you wish. Life wants you to connect deeply with the hearts of other people — struggle together and rejoice together. Life wants you to thrive in the domain of your own unique creative vision for your yourself. Do not merely submit to the expectations of others or society. Life wants you to be fully supported in your needs and to live in abundance and safety. Life wants you to live in total alignment with true love, passion, and integrity. Life is trying to tell you to wake-up! It’s not too late. A thrilling, brilliant and electrifying life is yours the moment you wake-up. Proclaim now that you refuse to die without fully living!
— Bryant McGill

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