My day was just made by my friend/sister now before I got her text I trying to think about what to write about.     Then I got a text from her; asking if she could use my picture to help her teacher children about different/disabilities.   Its not a big deal her asking me I want to bring more awareness to difference and she is like a sister to me.  I was her baby-sitter when she was 2, I went over to their house every day after school.   And her family moved after a year of being a’ ’mother’s helper’’ I thought she wouldn’t remember that time but kids do.  Like it was yesterday!   I just think about that family means so much to me,  first it was the first opportunity a job for me and I really don’t have to explain why I was in a chair or about my CP  her mom just saw me and wanted me to be able to watch them, Adira and Addison.  My close friend now;  don’t make a big deal about my disability which I think helped the kids just see me without my disability, now that I have been able to know Adira a little more I love that even if I hardly see them; we are still family.   I think it would be great for more young children to get an opportunity to around people with disabilities so they know that just because someone is in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they are that different from able-body people.   I am proud of my little sister!

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