Project Walk

I have been going to a place called Project walk for about 3 to work out, and I can tell a difference in body.   I need to work out, because just sitting the same way all day every day could bring more problems for me than I could hardly.   It could also decline what I am able to do on my own,  I could get even more tight then I get on my bad days.   Its important for me to keep somewhat lose but not to look at that I couldn’t hold myself up, my kind of CP is this; Abnormal muscle tone (muscles with too much or too little tone).   Many people with Athetoid cerebral palsy, like me, they can’t hold themselves up.  So in a way my tightens helps me to sit on my own so it can me; but it can get too tight where I can’t do anything so the work out helps.  All that to say I found out Project Walk is closing the program in Denver.     I’m sorry to see go,  but I hope something like it will take its place for those who need it!

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