“What are you feeling blessed for today?” — Simple Reminder.    Easy Love.  Love always!   !

“The greatest gift you can ever give to others is unconditional love and acceptance.” — Brian Tracy.  I believe in this people are the best gift you get friendships that are always accepting of who you are.  It’s not always easy to feel accepted or making new friends;  when you are different or have a disability as the world sees difference!   That is  disability is,  a difference and everyone is different!

“Being a little weird is just a natural side effect of being awesome.” — Sue Fitzmaurice  Be who you are because there is only one of you and is amazing!   !  !

Dear you!

I have been following some different life coaches on facebook.  I’m wanting to become a life coach;  I think it would be awesome not because I want the title behind my name but I think it would help in my goal of having my own business or on line community,  be for now I just lean from other life coaches the idea of going back to school lol; does not sound fun!  But anyway these a life coach who does a ”dear you”, I love it.   I think I’m going to start doing it, let’s see how it goes!
Dear you,   I can see your difficulties , difference I understand hiding them and be so called nominal would be easier,  to make friends,  to become independent,  but why be nominal and do the same thing as everyone else!   You are unique that is awesome you don’t need to be normal.   You are so loved,  needed.   Love yourself more than anything!

Life is amazing  as I think about what I’ve decided to do bloging as inspire, support and love others through writing; when the funny thing is I can’t spell that well. But I love writing and doing it my childhood wish is actually coming true!  I love it!   I was in a place,  at the beginning of this year where the bad thoughts was not helping, in to thinking that I couldn’t do this.  But it was not me.  We all going through times where the bad thoughts takes over but at some point you get out of it and start moving forward.  Depression has been a topic I feel like I could support.   I didn’t go to school for it,  but it’s been in my heart to others.   Depression among other disability have always interested me. For depression is something people are afraid of, why.  It’s different disability but it is a disability! I know a disability means you need to help and you can’t help who you are because of that differences you can not help it!  All that to say I want to bring more awareness to all kinds of disabilities!

“Nothing is more important than empathy for another human being’s suffering. Nothing. Not a career, not wealth, not intelligence, certainly not status. We have to feel for one another if we’re going to survive with dignity.”
— Audrey Hepburn

This is so true, I love this.   Sometimes we don’t help people because first we may not know how to help or we feel afraid that they may not understand how much we care! Do it anyway!

I think this is so true, love is everything it is everywhere.  I know love can do so much for someone especially if they feel alone or if they are going through a hard time.

”Let truth, beauty and love be your guide. Truth is found in the exaltation and protection of beauty. Beauty is like a pristine peak on the landscape of life; yet un-savaged by man’s gruesome defilements. Simple truth is ever-awaiting under the patina of common falsehoods. And how can you know something as subjective as truth? You can know something is a lie when it has no love in it. Hence, truth is the spirit of all that is good and worthy through loving. Love has perfect eyes for beauty. Love can see the limitless beauty within self and within others. Love is open to all possibility. Every great master knew love as their only master. Love exalts because it is exalted. When you become love you become divine because love is divine. The self-realized spirit is merely a spirit emancipated from fear, judgement and knowing. When you feel lost turn towards love. Become a seeker of beauty in all things. Each moment has an unrealized dimension of beauty that only your perspective can liberate. When we become seekers of truth and beauty, we are creating truth and beauty. Your perspectives change your realities. Your vision determines your destination.

— Bryant McGill”


It is easy to know your purpose in life because you choose your purpose in life. A purpose does not just happen; it is cultivated. A purpose does not come as a grand, all-encompassing and final solution or supreme-understanding. A purpose is more like a positive daily-grind, with gratitude and a smile. A purpose is nothing fancy and is not reserved for spiritual teachers, so-called geniuses or impassioned artistes. There is nothing more practical, down to earth and easily accessible as a purpose. You will find your purpose revealed in every single action, once you realize that — you — are your purpose. Your life is your purpose. We don’t “get” a purpose. We are witnesses to the unfolding of our purpose as our purpose is revealed to us daily by how we live life. The people who seem to know their purpose are sometimes just more present in their own choices and more focused with their gifts; gifts all of us have — yes, even you. But your purpose isn’t to merely craft and showcase your gifts. Your purpose is deeper than the busy-work of talent. Your purpose is with you at every moment. Your purpose is simply what you do each day. Your purpose is what you are experiencing in the living of your life. Your purpose is a great unfolding; a distinctive honor granted to all life — highest among those honors is the gift of freedom of thought and choice. The purpose of your life is the purpose you bring to it, choice by choice, and recognition by recognition. If you don’t know your gifts, your gifts and purpose know you — and if you are open, you will not have to find them, because they will find you.— Bryant McGill

It’s hard to find out what is your purpose in life is. For me, it was always a feeling that I would help others.  I love being able to be there for a loved one or support someone who is going through a hard time.   I don’t know why but I have known I could make a difference in people’s lives.

Hi my amazing friends. Hope you are well. I wanted to tell you guys that I won’t be able to write for a few weeks. I am going home to South Africa and I get some time with all my family; I feel a child on Christmas morning! This trip is huge for me I have no had my whole family together in one room in years so you can understand that feeling! Yes, I have a great family here and I love that my close friends have become my family and I could not be more lucky enough to have friends who think of me as their family I love them more than I could say! But it’s a different feeling going home. And I can not tell you how happy I am! Remember love is everywhere.

“Somebody needs what you have to give. It may not be your money; it may be your time. It may be your listening ear. It may be your arms to encourage. It may be your smile to uplift. Who knows? Maybe just like that little baby, putting your arm around somebody and letting him or her know that you care can help begin to heal that person’s heart. Maybe you can give a rescuing hug.”— Joel Osteen in “Somebody needs what you have to give

Love this quote,  its so TRUE.  Love can be a light to someone who is going through a hard time more than you may realize!  Maybe you are the only friend they have or by you be a support they don’t feel so alone!   Love that we give may mean more to them than we could never know!

“Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.”— Unknown Author
in “Everyone comes with baggage

Finding someone like that can be hard most of the time we don’t want to deal with someone else’s baggage or hard time.  But when someone can see you thought the baggage you know that relationship is for good.

“Make a gift of your life and lift all mankind by being kind, considerate, forgiving, and compassionate at all times, in all places, and under all conditions, with everyone as well as yourself. This is the greatest gift anyone can give.”— David Hawkins
in “Lift all mankind by being kind

We forget that the best gift of all;  is the relationships we have.   People who in our lifes.  We think a gift is something we buy,  but the best gift we can get is each!   Each relationship we have has something different that only you and that person share which makes it special it’s yours,  nothing else is the same as that one relationship with that person!   We could have everything in life the right job,  a huge home, and money but that is not what makes us truly happy it is the people who make us feel like we mean something to their world!

Life changes all the time but a TRUE friendship does not!

I have always said that family, love are two things that never change.  If they do then it was not meant to be or maybe it has changed but if the friendship matters the way you feel never will!   You may not talk or have seen a family member or a friend in some time, and I know that can be hard to feel like they still love you.   But I realized that shouldn’t matter.   When you really need them that is what matters!  I have talking to old friend who I met in high school we met on one of my walks with my dog Skye I was trying to get back on the sidewalk and I started watching kids , it was the first time I got to babysit!  She was home but doing house work but I could keep them busy and she would have to do her stuff I really loved the opportunity to have a job,  then she started helping me with homework and other things.   It was great to have some where to go after school,  we became friends which I loved the two kids were so cute!  We did a lot together;  then they had to move and somehow we didn’t talk as much but she came back for my high school graduation which meant so much to me.   But then we got busy with life and didn’t talk forever,  but somehow a few mouths ago we started talking and it’s like nothing ever happened;  our friendship is the same awesome I feel closer to her now actually.   But all that to say when any kind of relationship is meant to be,  it will always be there!  I am so happy that we are close again!

“A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile.”— Unknown Author in “Valuable friends”  

“To make a difference in someone’s world, you don’t have to be amazing, rich, talented beautiful, or perfect. You just have to be you and care.”— Rebecca Fox
in “Make a difference in someone’s world

I love this saying because I am always trying to find ways to be there for others.   Not realizing that I don’t need to do something big.  Don’t have to get them gives just so they know you are there for this, you can message, call just let them know how much they mean to you. Helping someone who you love is not hard at all.

“In difficult times, true friends tell you the truth. In happy times, true friends celebrate with you. In sad times, true friends are by your side.”

— Unknown Author
in “True friends are by your side

By being beautiful and kind you are given favored status and opportunity in life. Love can take you from any depth, and place you on the highest mountain. Choosing beauty and love does not mean being uninformed or weak; it means you clearly see the ugliness, but choose love anyway. Beauty is so simple, and it is all around you if you look. Beauty is reaching for you if you will hold out your hand in good faith. A blessed life will not come and force you to receive its blessings; receivership is a handshake requiring your earnest reach. Spirituality is very much about putting yourself in proper order. Strive to become a beautiful person. Live with kindness, integrity, and care. Comport yourself with grace under pressure. Don’t hurt people! Be an asset in the lives of others. Put people before things and live from your heart. Be intelligent but know it is better to be kind than smart. Be a peacemaker who values peace and takes peace everywhere you go. Learn to understand your energy and how you create with your energy. Have among your priorities the characteristics of politeness, compassion, and patience. Avoid making rash assumptions. Be a believer in true love. Have faith in people. Seek deep communication with others and with yourself. Laugh and make the best of every situation and understand that life is not perfect.
— Bryant McGill

‘A day without laughter is a day wasted ‘ agree or disagree ? What makes you laugh

”Heart beats are the most selfish in the world….They beat in our body but always dance to the tune of someone else.. It is our heart but it beats and belonges to someone else when we Love…:D CG”

I think if you feel loved you can dance like nobody is watching,  like you have everything!   Love is everything!

There is nothing you will ever do that is more important than being honest about who you really are. As crazy as it may seem, most of us are not who we think we are; we are someone else’s ideas. Two words: cultural conditioning. Our identities are tremendously warped and distorted by yesterday’s trauma and tomorrow’s expectations. The struggle to excavate your true, authentic self from beneath the mountain of conditioning and ridiculous expectation is the epic struggle of your lifetime. Most people are buried alive in a cultural and familial avalanche from the moment they are born, and are never seen or heard from again. Your number one mission in life is to be who you were intended to be. Nothing is more miserable than living a muted existence of inauthenticity. All pain in life comes from suppressing your true identity. You must begin to understand that this is your life; no one else’s! This is your precious, wonderful, unique and brief moment in life! Please, I beg you, to at least be honest with yourself and be who you are. If you can’t be who you really are then what is life but an unbearable lie? It is essential that you follow your own idea of passion, even if to others it looks like suffering. Refuse to be coerced. Resist the suppressive pressure to contract and instead expand in defiance. Resist and declare that you are alive; you are you, and you are unmasterable and beautifully broken in a fixed world.

— Bryant McGill

“A great attitude becomes a great mood. A great mood becomes a great day. A great day becomes a great year. A great year becomes a great life.”

— Unknown Author
in “A great attitude creates a great life

“Real friends won’t ever let an argument get in the way of their friendship. They aren’t afraid to apologize and always forgive.”

— Unknown Author
in “Real friends

“The people who are with you during your darkest nights, are the ones worth spending your brightest days with.”

— Unknown Author
in “People you should spend your brightest days with

“Happiness depends on what you can give, not on what you can get.”

— Swami Chinmayananda
in “Happiness depends on what you can give

“Believe what your heart tells you, not what other say.”

— Unknown Author
in “Believe what your heart tells you

“Trust yourself. You have survived a lot and you will survive whatever is coming.”

— Unknown Author
in “Trust yourself

When you are generous, sometimes people will take advantage. You may be respectful and yet some people will still be unkind. You may be a good person, and some people will nonetheless still treat you terribly. We don’t always get what we give, but that’s fine, because you aren’t giving it for them anyway, at least not exclusively. It’s really all a statement by, about and for you. How you treat others is really about who you choose to be in this life. The repayment for your good acts are the good acts themselves. When you act honorably, even if others don’t, your honorable actions are your irretractable reward to yourself. Who you chose to be — decision by decision and act by act — is the great reward you receive by doing good. What is well done is well received. The mark you leave in another’s heart is always left in yours; for better or worse. Just because people are not nice to you doesn’t mean you have to be unkind back. That’s how the world changes — one brave person like you being kind.

Connecting with essential truth and knowing oneself is the only way. Surrender is the path to freedom through our unique authenticity. Through surrender you may experience the flow of life not through the narrow lens of the mind, but through the vast refuge of the heart. Nothing else is needed — it has always been for, about and within you. Freedom is the realization that it is sufficient to simply be a human being.

Bryant McGill

Realizing how much a friendship means to you is the best feeling ever, also how much they love you!

“You create a good future by creating a good present.”

— Eckhart Tolle
in “Create a good future today

“Live simply. Dream big. Be grateful. Give love. Laugh lots.”

— Paulo Coelho
in “Dream big

“A friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile.”

— Unknown Author

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.

Steve Maraboli

“Dear God, teach me how to love myself beyond the distorted perceptions and false beliefs I have created about myself. Teach me how to love myself beyond the judgments I may have held about myself and against myself. I open my mind and heart to receive your love and loving guidance now.”

— Iyanla Vanzant

“You may not be where you want to be, but you can look back and be thankful you’re not where you used to be.”

— Joel Osteen
in “Be thankful today

“The first place we lose the battle is in our own thinking. If you think it’s permanent then it’s permanent. If you think you’ve reached your limits then you have. If you think you’ll never get well then you won’t. You have to change your thinking. You need to see everything that’s holding you back, every obstacle, every limitation as only temporary.”

— Joel Osteen
in “The battle is in our own thinking

“Tears are good. What flows is alive. Crying is like a thundershower for the soul. The air feels so wonderful after the rain. Don’t think too much. Breathe. Don’t be harsh or demanding on yourself. Just experience your feelings and know that your tears are announcing change in your life. Change is coming; like a summer rain — to wash away your pain. Have faith that things are getting better.”

— Bryant McGill
in “Tears are good


“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.
in “Faith is taking the first step

In a world that wants you to be something else, simply have the courage to be beautiful, and let your heart’s unbridled truth flow and move upon each person you encounter. In one transformative quickening, you are freed from the tyranny of self-doubts, simply by seeing and acknowledging the treasure of your own soul. When you truly see yourself, it will be love at first sight. You are such fineness. There is such quality in your life. No substitute can ever compete with your matchless qualities. Every peace of mind you ever sought begins by forgiving yourself and loving yourself. It all starts with the way you see yourself. If you cannot see your own beauty, then you are not looking with honest eyes. If your life is not a love story, then you are not living the life meant for you.
Bryant McGill

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

— Maya Angelou

“Everything comes to you at the right moment. Be patient.”

— Unknown Author
in “Be patient

Almost all real spirituality is about connecting with your truth. Who you are is an expression of your version of a Higher Power. You insult every version of a Higher Power in existence when you live falsely, timidly and out of accord with your awesomely unique truth. There are different levels of consciousness and awareness. Every discipline of religion and psychology has their own version of this stratification. There are varying levels of spirituality, emotional maturity, and intellectuality. These levels effectively isolate us from one another. The higher realms can see and visit the lower realms, but the lower realms have difficulty seeing or visiting the higher realms. Ascension through all levels of consciousness and awareness can only happen when you live life as you, and not how others think you should live. How could self-realization possibly be anything other than being yourself? Taking advice is fine; by all means, be open-minded, but not to the point of allowing others to obliterate your uniqueness. Evolving and bettering yourself is wonderful, but not if the set of standards and values you adopt smother you into oblivion in the process. Your uniqueness is the greatest gift you will ever receive in life. Your uniqueness is the master key that unlocks the hidden treasures of your lifetime. Who you are is indispensable to yourself and others. You are worthless to others if you don’t know your own self and self-worth. Claw your way out from your slumber. Look deeply within yourself; that is what they mean when they talk about “finding yourself” and “knowing yourself.” And once you find yourself — exert yourself unapologetically and unconditionally. Expand into the fullness of you. Dare to simply own the space of your body. Own your space! This is your life! Be you. There is one clear urgency in your life that you must never neglect, and that is — you must be yourself.
Bryant McGill


“People are sent into our lives to teach us things that we need to learn about ourselves.”

— Mandy Hale

“Pause and remember— If you take the time to look for beauty, you will find it. Open yourself to the beauty you have been missing right before you.”

— Jenni Young

You deserve honesty. You deserve transparency. You deserve someone who respects you enough to never lie to your heart. You deserve appreciation. You deserve loyalty. You deserve someone who would never abuse your trust. You deserve love. You deserve someone who would still be there for you even when everyone else has walked away. You deserve someone who’s REAL. Never settle for less.

– Trent Shelton

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
~ Confucius

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“Give yourself the gift of unconditional love and acceptance to be able to do the same with others. You deserve total freedom to be who you were destined to be.” – Sharon K. Brayfield