Life changes all the time but a TRUE friendship does not!

I have always said that family, love are two things that never change.  If they do then it was not meant to be or maybe it has changed but if the friendship matters the way you feel never will!   You may not talk or have seen a family member or a friend in some time, and I know that can be hard to feel like they still love you.   But I realized that shouldn’t matter.   When you really need them that is what matters!  I have talking to old friend who I met in high school we met on one of my walks with my dog Skye I was trying to get back on the sidewalk and I started watching kids , it was the first time I got to babysit!  She was home but doing house work but I could keep them busy and she would have to do her stuff I really loved the opportunity to have a job,  then she started helping me with homework and other things.   It was great to have some where to go after school,  we became friends which I loved the two kids were so cute!  We did a lot together;  then they had to move and somehow we didn’t talk as much but she came back for my high school graduation which meant so much to me.   But then we got busy with life and didn’t talk forever,  but somehow a few mouths ago we started talking and it’s like nothing ever happened;  our friendship is the same awesome I feel closer to her now actually.   But all that to say when any kind of relationship is meant to be,  it will always be there!  I am so happy that we are close again!

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