The Differences We Are Taught To Hide

Every person in the world has some kind of special need. You could even call it a disability depending how you view disabilities. We all need help, otherwise why are there so many people in the world who are different? In school and life, society teaches us to hide our differences and be the same to fit in. Most people will hide their differences to make friends. The second somebody knows you have a difference, they tend to see you as somebody who is not okay. It doesn’t matter if you are healthy and happy. I’m sure everyone needs company. To me, everybody needs to be themselves and show who they really are. It shouldn’t matter if you are disabled or if you have any kind of health issues. We all need to be able to tell people what we feel and have the confidence to be ourselves and be okay. Everyone is different for a reason. We need to be different to help each other see different perspectives. Again I ask you, why are we so worried about fitting in? Differences are needed.

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