Hi, everyone. I know I haven’t done anything to this page in forever. I thought after my year of being Ms. Wheelchair I couldn’t be Ms. Wheelchair 2010, but I now realize that even though it’s not my year, I will always be Ms. Wheelchair CO 2010. I am going to try to post more on here. If I do anything that is around disabilities or my crazy CP, it is because I have been thinking a lot about being Ms. Wheelchair for 10 years now. I can’t get over that I am part of something that can change someone’s outlook on being in a chair. I don’t think enough people know about Ms. Wheelchair America and how important it is, so I want to tell the world how amazing it is. Even 10 years later, I wonder why I got picked to be Ms. Wheelchair CO 2010. I’m working on a business for myself, and I have hiked Mt Elbert. Before I was Ms. Wheelchair, I knew I could do anything I wanted, but because of the way I talk and my movements, there were certain things I thought I couldn’t do. When I went to Ms. Wheelchair, I saw all the people in chairs, and they didn’t let the wheelchair stop them. It gave me confidence to finish college and try some stuff that I would would never think I could do, like hiking a mountain or starting a business. Ms. Wheelchair America, Inc.


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