Growing in faith

I have always had a strong faith and I have gave my life to helping others and God.  In saying that I know my faith can be better, lately I’ve been reading more faith books and really enjoying them!  Ever get this feeling where you want to do or know more about one topic or maybe even you know it could here grow.   Learning only can make us better, may be even help you when you are feeling like what you want to do is not coming to you.   Even just to give you a new outlook, for me lately I have been feeling kind of like I need to add something in my life.   But I don’t always get out so I am starting to see that my faith could use some work, reading devotionals every day, reading the Bible more while keeping in mind I want to be a mentor,   it seems right in this time my life with having a lot of new things I am doing and also trying that I want to grow myself mostly so I can grow in my business.  So if you are in a place where you don’t think you can make it through, start a decoration it helps!

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