Life gets busy the days can seem so short when you are busy.   I’m getting ready to host Ms.  Wheelchair Colorado this Saturday though I love it it’s a lot of work.   Let’s just says it’s hard work but it’s rewarding.  From being a constant 7years ago; and I still think how could I be Ms.  Wheelchair Colorado 2010, thinking back on that your it was probably the best year in the way it helped me to understand that my wheelchair is just a way for me to get around!   I already knew that,  from my family and friends but that year helped!   Seeing others with the same challenges as you, and just learning from them made me want to do more and not just be taken care of.   I could make differences I would have to work for it but after being around women in wheelchairs was what I needed!   The Ms. Wheelchair organization is not about how you look but what you do!   I love that so much a pageant like that doesn’t exist; not only that but having people like you is very helpful.   This is why each year I want to give more women the same opportunity.

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