The day before Thanksgiving and not doing a good job at writing daily about what I am thankful for after not feeling good a few days of not doing I want to say thanks for my health; I get headaches a lot I am not sure why sometimes.  I think sometimes I get so tight that it doesn’t help, there could be a lot of different that could be giving me headaches; waking up and feeling sick is the worst thing you have a lot of to do but you cannot do because it hurts and it could last days not fun.   Other than my down headaches days I am pretty healthy and happy. I know my blog has a long way to go; so I can make some money from something that I love doing which is writing and helping others; I am happy and thankful that I have so many followers on the blog and on the facebook page so thank you who-ever is following me.  It means a lot!  I just started writing to keep busy but now I have a feeling that one day I can have my online community to help others I am so thankful!

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