My Cp or as most people think I got to be Ms. Wheelchair Colorado 2010, because of the way I see life with a disability.   I can say my difficulties in my daily life is not that harder than what you go through;  oh wait,  I need with most every physical education I do.   I have a harder time being understood and I can’t eat on my own or walk and I have movements;  you would think how can I do the things that I like helping others who are in need; because I can.   Helping others is the one thing I can do on my own and I know what is like to need help or just even just to be someone had to talk to.   I don’t think that my Cp stop me from having a life,  so what if I’m disability I can do anything I set my mind on!
I am Ms. Wheelchair Colorado 2010, I am still honored to be and I help put on the pageant for  4years now;  I love that I can help a other women who is in a wheelchair get that feeling of so what if I am in a wheelchair I can make a difference!

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