being disabled; what is the hardest part?

You have a difference you are disabled.You want to have a normal life, you have worked hard to go to school to get a job which you can do. Your disability is what people see before anything else, what you can’t do.  Your disability should not be what they think about when they are interviewing you or anyone that is knowledge about the work, but word disabled has been looked at badly that people don’t think, that being disabled could just mean different;  we are all different from each other! Yes I know it just one way to look at it, but it makes since just read it more closely you will understand; or maybe when you are disabled it seems right. If we can see your disability or not no one is normal or the same so why  do we think that having a disability that you can see is a big deal because it’s not; people who are disabled are just like you only thing is,  you can see our difference.

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