Being disabled to me is apart of what makes me who I am.   I was born with CP, so I know there are going to be people who can’t see passed it, I understand that.    But when I go out and someone who see me; than acts like I am amazing just because I have cerebral palsy before getting to know me,  it’s a little crazy!   Just because my life is a little different or harder doesn’t mean I am ”a hero”   yes it can be  harder than someone doesn’t have a disability but get to know me someone who has a disability,  before you think they are amazing.  For me it’s not a big deal its part of my life,  I can imagine for someone who could walk and now can’t it may be a while before they are comfortable with their new life.   Being different or disabled can be hard at times but who’s life is easy all the time!   My disability doesn’t mean I am amazing just because I am different, get to know who I am being you think you know that I’m or anyone who is disabled.

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