My thoughts on the movie ” me before you”.

Me before you is a movie about newly disabled man in England and I have been reading all the disappointed disabled community who think the main idea people are going away with after seeing this movie is that; people who are injured or in a wheelchair will all want to end their lifes.  I don’t agree,  I know each person is different each of us has a different view on life; some of us if ever faced with an injury that can make you depend on other people to get out of bed,  eat and every physical need you once could do without even thinking about it.  But after the injury for some people that independence might be gone;  could you even imagine ?  Even I don’t think I would have a hand time facing a life where the only thing I could move is my head,  and I already need a lot of help. In the book/movie the main guy was a business man and had a great life going for him, then within minutes everything in his life would change.   He went from being independent to always needing care, he became depressed and he could not aspect his life in a wheelchair no-matter how much he had or if he could get all the help in the world,  he would never be happy with his new life, even having a caregiver that was willing to be with him ; he didn’t feel like this was him and he was in so much pain everyday all day,  yes he was happy at the end but it would never be comfortable and he knew he could not better.  He wanted to take his own life and though his family supported him in that.   I could understand why he would want to end his life.  I also understand the disabled community views on this movie, but everybody is different that man wasn’t happy he was depressed and that on it’s own can’t always be helped especially if they have suicidal.    Having depression to the point of wishing your life was over,  is not something to take lightly,  I haven’t had the feeling that life is not wroth living,  but if they have those it’s not always easy to get out of that thought,  he had said that this new life wasn’t him.  Now I am not trying to say what happened in the movie is right but everybody is different and some people have suicidal thoughts so bad enough that it doesn’t matter how much we try we can’t help them if they don’t want to helped.  It something we who   have a great life won’t ever understand what that feeling is like.   So I think the movie/book is a great story about a man who became disabled and he tried to be happy and it just didn’t feel like himself being depend on everyone else to him live.  It is not about the whole disabled community,  it was about his life and he thought about his life in a wheelchair.  

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