Dealing with depression. (

Dealing With Depression

Unhappiness, suddenly finding yourself in tears, feeling not able to do anything. You need to spend energy also low energy… if you have some of these symptoms you might be depressed.

Psychologist Seliha Dolaşır, gives some advices against depression which reduces one’s quality of life and expectations. According to her advises it would be possible to get rid of this inconvenient mood with activities during the day.

Us Institute of Psychiatry in Clinical Psychologist Seliyh gave the following information about the symptoms and cope roads of depression: “Depression is a perpetual unhappiness and also it is a mood disorder that causes loosing curiosity.

Depression can lead to various of emotional and physical problems by one’s way of feeling, thinking and acting. It is not a sign of weakness and depression doesn’t let you go simply it may require mid-long term treatment.


• Sadness, burst out crying, feelings of emptiness or hopelessness.

• Even in small matters bursts of anger, much frustration or sensitivity.

• The loss of interest or pleasure in normal activities like hobbies or sports.

• sleeping disorders such as sleeping little or sleeping too much.

• Even if for small business lack of energy.

• Changes in appetite; often poor appetite and weight loss, but contrary increased appetite and weight gain in some individuals.

• Anxiety, agitation or restlessness.

• Slow thinking, speaking or body movements.

• Feelings of worthlessness or guilt.

• Blame yourself for the mistakes that are not your responsibility or focus for past.

• Thinking, lack of concentration, wrong decisions and have trouble remembering daily things.

• Thoughts and attempts of suicide.

• Unexplained back pain or headaches, some physical problems.


1. Spend more time with your family and dearest friends.

2. Express and give importance to your own feelings and needs, as much as other’s you attend.

3. Do not forget the depression cycle! You can be mostly sleepy and feeling not willing to do any activities. If you sit at home and feed symptoms, you can increase the level of depression. ; In this case you should move more, even if you don’t like much!

4. Don’t look and focus past.

5. Increase the positive feeling expressions in your speeches bur also don’t forget to say negative feelings and thoughts in the right time and proper dosage.

6. In the healing process, your feelings can change time to time, ıt could be in positive-negative directions, take it easy!

7. It is important to spend time with family members, not only in home, also making some outside activities together.

8. Don’t forget those two have same effects; making regular open air walks and antidepressant pills.

9. You should reduce the time you spent in bed, take some responsibilities in order to increase your moving capacity.

10. Be sure to take advantage of more daylight. Try to run yourself to get up early to go to bed early in.

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