The best gift !

To my amazing friend C,  Ever meet someone from first  meet you felt that it was not by accident but you both needed the friendship.   I love this amazing crazy lady so much,  its so great to have someone who does not mind, how much I message her I know she has lots to do but when I need someone to talk to she always has been there!   Or even when I need someone to come over she has been there every time with the biggest heart ever!   I will never forget about the first time that I needed help with something,  we had just started talking still getting to know each other more;  I had just found out that my aide couldn’t come help me;  I had been talking with her, and when I took her she said that she would be over with dinner.   It was the first time she would help me with my care and I was a little nervous that it would be hard for her to understand me;  because people who have not been around me can’t understand what i’m saying but she found a way to understand me.   We laugh so much when we are together it’s like we don’t have to talk much just laugh!  My best crazy cat lady friend, you have been the best gift to me,  always there just when I really need.   I love you so much more than you know!    ❤   I’m so thankful for you 

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