I am going to start writing when I can about thankfulness or things that I’m thankful for, I know we do this during November but I think that everything is a gift,  each day there will be little things to be thankful for.   Maybe something as small as waking up and looking outside and that gives you happiness.  I have been realizing now more than ever how you never know how fast life can change.  I am thankful for everything in my life,  even the times where it’s all going wrong,  I know I wouldn’t be doing the things that make my life happy if life was was easy.   I have a disability life can get hard but I think it’s helps me get to what I am meant to do!  I am so thankful to the people who have never thought I am just a girl with cp and can’t do anything for myself and make me try things so I can be independent.  I am also thankful for people who may be see me and think that I am a kid;  no I just do things differently . I am thankful and happy about everything,   life is so amazing,   I want to give thanks every day.  

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