The most powerful manifesting is realized by those who walk in love and create through love. There is no getting around this immutable truth; love creates and hate destroys. Love is the calm space of creation. People come from making love. Businesses are often built on the foundations of love and passion. The practice of love is the procreation of hope. Love is a lifelong practice. The master creators are masters of love. They inject, infuse and imbue everything they touch with the perfecting magic and miracle of love. Love is not just for people; it is also for animals, plants and even objects, which I know may seem strange to you. But what is love really? Love is a lens of an observer. Love is an attitude with action. One who walks in love sees the world through the envelope of their mission. As a servant of love every exchange passes through the practice. Through love, you see the whole world, not just people, differently.

— Bryant McGill

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