Happy Valentine’s Day

I have time to do this tonight, before my weekend and up coming days get crazy with a new puppy,  things could be a little different for a while.   But I’m so excited to have a puppy!   I pick him up on Sunday,  what a gift for Valentine’s Day!  Valentine’s Day is a day to show the people who you hold close just how much they mean to you!  If only we could do that everyday and not feel weird about it.   I love others a little too much, loving on someone who needs it or you just want them to know to know that they mean so much to you.   How do you do it? How much can you love someone without making them feel like you are weird?   I ask myself that question all the time,  because I just love so much that sometimes I want to do so much for someone to show them how much they mean to me,  forgetting that just saying that they are loved can mean so much just by itself.  So if you are like me,  just remember you can say I love you everyday you can just say that and they will know that they mean a lot to you!  Remember having love in your life does not just mean your boyfriend or girlfriend its for everyone thinks you hold close.  

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  1. John Sears says:

    I have had very few chances to have a girlfriend in my life. I’ve had many females in my life that were friends. I tend to give lots of hugs – physical touch is my love language. I love to give big, long hugs. I have been told that it is not common for guys to enjoy doing this, but that the fact I do it shows love and strength on my part. I have also been told that I have “the compassion of a woman.” I choose to take this as a complement. So there is some perspective from a guy that hugs his friends a lot.

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