We all have hard times, the first of this year I was not very happy, sometimes I can get into a place where even though I have so much support and love I still get depressed, in that mind set it’s so easy to think that I am not good enough or I can’t do anything with my life, but really that is not true! I just needed to step out of that way of thinking and I soon saw what I am already doing. I am raining an organization called Ms. Wheelchair Colorado it is such a great organization to be a part of. I also write to support others who are going through a hard time, and I work with special needs high school students.  Everything that I do how could I feel depressed you may ask; having a disability where you always need to have with of your physical needs,can get hard sometimes. When you get to age where you should have a job and be able to take care of yourself, but when it comes down to it for me,  I can’t do it without help. Most of the time I am very happy and I don’t let what I can’t do get to me;  but the last few weeks I have been down and kind of wishing I had a normal job and that I could live without needing help for everything;  but I do.  I know there are so many things I can do.   I need to focus on what I can do,  but when you are depressed it can be hard to see the things you can do.   May be you are like me,  you need someone to be there to talk to when you’re feeling down.   Having a great friendship can just give you what you need to get back to yourself again.  

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