We have always heard that we need to love others as we love our self’s, although when you don’t love yourself it can be hard to give out love.  These days people are so much in the way someone looks,  acts, that we are used to hearing, you are not good enough,  you are different.   Having those words can sunk into your heart and you can start to think that you will fit in, you are not good enough,  you start not loving yourself.   Well guess what!   I think we are different we all have some kind of disability, what is normal anyway?

“The problems of the world seem so enormous that sometimes we think “what’s the point? Little ole me can’t make a difference.” The thing is, if we all were to work at changing ourselves, we are contributing to the well-being of the world. Change yourself, love yourself, practice more compassion and kindness and you create a ripple effect. It makes your relationships at home, at work, in your social settings better and that tiny ripple keeps on going. We don’t realize the impact we have on each other and thus the world and society as a whole. Each of us is needed. Each of us makes a difference.” -Marcel Lawrence

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