If You Love Someone, Tell Them;  If you love someone, tell them. For hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.
Tell people that you love them, even if you have to say it in your own way. Love is the light that this world truly needs and unless we are willing to show each other that love still rules the world, the world will continue to become a darker place for us all.

Let your light shine by being a vessel through which peace and love flow. Show others how to co-exist by remaining true to yourself and encouraging others to do the same. Be an example to the world of what being a positive person full of grace looks like. Never let any circumstance dampen your smile, and always seek to include those who are the most excluded.

The most powerful thing on this planet is the love that we are willing to give. Empower people knowing that the more good you do, the more that you will attract good things to happen in your own life.


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