I’ve been really thinking about doing a information page for cancer research that I am going to start looking into.  This sickness can impact not the person who has it or has just through all the treatment and surgeries; it also the people who love that.   When a family member had it, I was freaking out until I understood what they would go through even then knowing that someone you love is sick it hard especially when you can’t help them.   I know I started this blog I wanted to help people who have depression and then it kind of changed to be about love because love can help everything I think.  If someone who is dealing with something hard if they know that someone is behind them it just makes that time a little easier for them.   And now that I have seen how much just being there when someone really needs it, its so powerful when your loved one knows that they have support.  So I am going to add a new part to my blog of information about cancer and other sickness that can impact someone’s life.   We can give someone light of love by supporting them through lifes hardest times!   

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