Whenever we are sad, shattered or heart broken …we hold the hand of the first person who comes to us …the one who talks sweetly and tries to console us….we let them enter our life and unmask our broken and shattered heart in front of them….we trust them and give our all to them…..we never see their real intentions…as when we love, we love with our heart …..we ignore every sign that warns us against them and keep trusting them until they too, leave us broken and shattered…we must take time to know people, take enough time to trust them and work with all our senses…we should not let anyone to play with our feelings….we need to be very careful while choosing the ones we love and who we give our hearts to..Neena Gupta

– See more at: http://www.lifelovequotesandsayings.com/2015/10/18/whenever-we-are-sad/#sthash.JZM0wmdL.dpuf

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