I have been working on this blog for a few years now and every year I seem to get a different idea as to what I want to write about.   I am so happy I can help others through my words,  I think there’s so much hurt, Suicide/depression and others sicknesses, and I wish I could do something to help each one of them but I can’t.   So I chose to write about love; depression is also one that I’m very interested in.  Really every one of these causes can all be supported with love! I don’t know much about depression but some of my friends deal with depression or maybe even think about suicide, When I think about that there are people who I love with may have that that kind of thoughts.    I want to learn so much more about depression so I can better understand, there is so much time I want to learn; so I can do what I love doing which is writing and helping people. Why do people not feel loved or worthiness? Why are there people out there who does like who  they are? They think it would be better if they take their own life?   I am not saying I understand these thoughts, I can’t do image what that feels like to not have anyone who cares about you, or the feeling like you are on your own.  Love is really needed, it may not heal all the lonely, hurt and anyone who is going through a sickness just send out love!

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