15 Organic Tips For Dealing With Depression September 17, 2015 Sharon Smith

Depression is an invisible illness.

You can’t see it. But you can definitely feel it…

Some days may be worse than others in that you may want to crawl back into bed and forget everything. Other days you may get up and be raring to go with whatever the day throws at you. This is because you feel great. Free of brain fog. Focused and alert.

However, if you have suffered many years with the condition. Brain fog is never far away and is not a nice feeling.

So how do we deal with it especially when it presents itself with anxiety too?

Many take Anti-depressant medication for the condition and this works for the majority. There is a minority who are unable to take it due to health reasons or simply due to personal preference. However if it is due to personal preference it is strongly recommended to seek advice from a GP or health professional first.

Having suffered for many years with the condition, I now wish to help others out of the darkness of depression, and into the light. It can be difficult, and yes we do need to help ourselves, it’s never easy. However, with the help of an understanding doctor- which is definitely a must- you can manage it more properly.

You may not necessarily use all 15 of the tips I am suggesting. You may decide to choose 2 or 3. Even adding some of your own. The choice is entirely yours.

15 tips to dealing with Anxiety and Depression with a little help from above thrown in for good measure…

  1. Spend as much time as you can outdoors. Even if it is sat in your garden or on a balcony. ( Not always easy when you are deep in darkness so the next one should help as they should encourage)
  2. Talk to your family members and friends. Make sure they are aware of the condition and where you’re at right now. Allow family and friends in to help you out.
  3. Try Bach flower remedies. 3/4 drops on the tongue truly do help.
  4. Eat cashew nuts. A great anti-depressant.
  5. Take long walks and or find an exercise which suits you. For example Yoga or Pilates or running and the gym whichever one makes you feel good.
  6. Talk about your worries. Don’t bottle them up. Let it out.
  7. Don’t be afraid to cry.
  8. Take a moment to do some deep breathing exercises. Standing or sitting. For eg: As you make a cup of coffee or tea and waiting for the kettle to boil. It’s surprising how much calmer you will feel.
  9. Do not listen to other’s opinions of you especially if negative.
  10. Stay away from negative situations, people, places and energies.
  11. Eat as healthy as possible. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  12. Listen to music that you enjoy and which makes you feel good.
  13. Find something which occupies your mind and will allow you to refocus for a time such as painting, knitting, crocheting or a puzzle book.
  14. This works very well even if you only manage 2 or 3 off the list. Make a list for the day. Write down the tasks for the day and tick off as you do them.
  15. Ask the Angels for help especially if you need help with a problem that may be causing you your depression. Remember though you have free will so you must ask them. Keep your faith.

Once you calm your mind and let others in. Family and friends and others who can and will help you. You realise there are others like yourself and that you are not alone. You must talk about your anxieties and how your depression makes you feel. Try also to surround yourself with positive thinkers and people who will help lift and guide you out of the darkness and into the light.

Find an understanding doctor or medical practitioner.

Depression can also take its toll on self-esteem and confidence which is another reason to surround yourself with loving understanding people who will listen to you and be non-judgemental.

If you do seek the Angels help remember that they are Gods messengers and the root cause will be uncovered to see why you are feeling this way in order for you to heal they have your best interests at heart and have a plan. Expect the unexpected. Expect to be guided to people, places and situations that you may never have thought of to help you.

And remember you are loved and are beautiful inside and out.


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